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Christian Union

Coventry University Christian Union is a group of Christian students, with a diverse mixture of different backgrounds, who meet together to have fellowship and to tell our fellow students about Jesus Christ.

Anyone is welcome to come along to our weekly meetings. They are fun, relaxed, a time where we can worship God together, become equipped to tell our fellow students about Jesus, and of course, are a great opportunity to make some new friends!

Throughout the academic year the Christian Union puts on many events focusing on outreach and interaction with other students around campus as part of our mission to bring the Gospel to those on campus and to see lives and hearts transformed! Why not join our mission!


Aims and Objectives

1) To give all students on campus the opportunity to hear and respond to the message of Christianity

2) To have information about Christianity readily available to any members of CUSU

3) To run events during Freshers Week to make students feel welcome

4) To encourage all Christians on campus to feel free to talk about their beliefs

5) To meet frequently and encourage fellowship amongst Christians


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Membership Fee: £2.00 for the whole academic year.

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