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Welcome to the Erasmus Society!

The Erasmus society invites all international students to integrate with ease into Coventry University’s community. 

The society aims to provide a variety of great opportunities in order to improve cultural understanding and self-development.

Another important objective is promoting living, studying, and working abroad as part of Erasmus to Coventry University students.  Both international and Coventry students benefit from participating in this society as it opens a variety of doors for them.

We encourage even those who will not be participating in the Erasmus scheme to join - it is a fantastic opportunity to make new friends and learn different languages and cultures. 

As a society, the goal of creating a cultural exchange amongst the different students is a big thing for us, whether it be through film, food, or literature (e.g. books/magazines/articles).

We meet every Thursday, 8pm at Quids Inn. Normally meet downstairs and have a few drinks and chat!  Have a look on our Facebook page to see the most up to date information: or search Coventry University Erasmus Society.

Membership Fee
Membership fee for the society is £3.50 for the whole academic year.


Aims & Objectives
1.    Help the exchange students that are part of the Erasmus scheme integrate in the Coventry University community
2.    Provide opportunities for cultural understanding and self- development for international students
3.    Promote living, studying and working abroad as part of Erasmus to Coventry University students
4.    Provide opportunities for cultural exchange between Erasmus students and Coventry students
5.    Provide Erasmus, EU and International students a community for support, friendship, language development and fun.


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