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This society is to introduce new and existing students to the culture of Philippines. We aim to be the platform for students to come together and meet other people in the same situations with the same views and hobbies. Although our main target audience are Filipino students, we are more than happy to accept every other student that would like to join and learn about Philippines. What we hope to gain out of this is to enlighten people of the culture of Philippines, to paint the Country in a different light and inspire others to want to visit, as well as this we know from experience that a lot of new generation Filipinos lack an understanding of their own cultural background.

Aims & objectives:

1. Accommodate new people who attend the University and help to integrate them

2. An environment for people with the same views and interests to meet

3. To provide support and experience to anyone who needs it

4. To introduce people to Filipino culture

5. To provide a fun and safe environment for all

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