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This society is more about practice and learning forensic skills. The society will have different session where the participants will be taught about different techniques which are used in the field, how to apply them and how to think like a forensic scientist. We will also have practical sessions where members will learn to master this new skill they learned  and, we will have mock crime scenes. In the crime scenes session, the participants will be divided in small teams and will need to investigate certain areas.This society will be a very friendly and interactive environment where everybody will make new social interaction and they will get more information about their passion. Many transferable skills will be improved through these sessions.

This society also aim to change the presumption based on the forensic field. Having a better understanding of this area will make you think differently about all the forensic based TV shows and myths.

This will be a safe, friendly environment where many sets of skills the participants posses will improve in an interactive manner.

Every session is different, so don't miss any of them ! All sessions will be interactive and many activities are planned for this society such as trips, escape rooms ,etc.


Next meeting will be in semester 2 around end of January start of February.

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