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Current location: Coventry

Hackathons take place on weekends and are typically 24 hour code sprints hosted by universities across the country. We travel as a group to and from these events, and help each other out on whatever project we each decide to work on.


On top of this we also have meetings every other week, for socializing, organizing events, and programming.


During our meetings, we:

  • Host tech talks, done by a student/staff members or a guest speaker.
  • Look at hardware donated by members or from the faculty, providing a way for members to examine and experiment with.
  • Share experiences and interests, for example one member may be particularly interested in or skilled with a certain scripting language and could provide an ad hoc crash courses for curious members, preparing them for events.

Aims and Objectives:

1. Introduce more students to Hackathons and make them accessible for everyone.

2. Encourage collaboration to produce competitive teams and match skills that complement each other.

3. Spread programming knowledge to a wider and more diverse audience of students from different backgrounds and subjects.

4. Provide an environment to allow experimentation with hardware and software, learning new technologies.

5. Bring together a social group of like-minded people with similar interests.

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