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About Hackathon Society

Who are we?

We are a friendly team, welcoming people from all courses to explore their love for computers, hackathons, and anything nerdy they want to explore!

What do we do?

We organise meetings every other week to organise our 24-hour event, CovHack, discuss upcoming hackathons, and showcase anything we've made. To see more of what we do, head to!

Why should you join?

If you're passionate about, or even just mildly interested in, computers, coding, meeting like-minded people, and/or attending hackathons then we're the society for you!

What have we done in the past?

Our greatest achievements as a society have been CovHack 2019 and CovHack 2020, which we successfully organised and ran. We had some great feedback, and everyone had a great time making new like-minded friends as well as meeting up with their friends from other universities. 

We had over 150 attendees at CovHack 2020, and 19 amazing volunteers helping the day run as smoothly as possible. By all accounts, everyone had a wonderful time, and we all look forward to CovHack 2021!

Awards and Recognition

Hackathon Society won the Best Project 2019, and was nominated for Best Event of the Year 2020, and Best EEC (Engineering, Environment, and Computing) Society 2020.

The Committee

President - Mol Ratcliffe

Vice President - David Anderson

Inclusions Officer - Abbie Lomas

Treasurer - Louis Kervot

Social Media Rep - Ivan Gadzhalov


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