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Krishna Consciousness


Do You Like To Think "Outside The Box"?
Are You Willing To Delve Deep In Your Exploration Of Life?!

                              ...GREAT! Then KCsoc is THE place for you!

WHO Are We And WHAT Are We About? 
Philosophy | Fun | Eternal Friendship | Spirituality | Yoga | Music | Food | Laughter | Love

Here at the Krishna Consciousness Society, our mission is to promote the elevation of consciousness by offering you a dynamic & engaging platform that appeals to people from all walks of life!

Through a combination of interactive seminars, workshops, retreats and festivals we equip with you with knowledge derived from Ancient Vedic Wisdom that can be used to not only transform and enrich your life but also elevate your mind, give you direction and enable you to obtain a deeper level of insight!

Enter this sacred space and attain the wisdom gained through dynamic, 'THINK OUT LOUD' discussions and learn the SECRET to leading a successful and more importantly HAPPY life!

Here at KCsoc we promote: 
                                                                                                      SIMPLE LIVING
                                                                                                   HIGHER THINKING!

Some of our Previous Talks!

                                                                          What would you do if you had 24 hours to live?
                                                                                        Transforming Tension To Tenacity
                                                                                              Empowerment Of The Mind 
                                                                                                    We Must Die to Live
                                                                                                        Time Dilation


Check Out Our Previous Retreats!

Coventry KCsoc's FIRST EVER Spiritual Retreat to Bhaktivedanta Manor London 2018! 

NATIONAL KCsoc Spiritual Retreat To Germany 2016!

Exciting Projects!

Food For All Coventry Project!

Every Monday KCsoc supports registered Charity Food For All to distribute vegetarian/vegan meals to students, the homeless and ABSOLUTELY everybody FREE OF CHARGE! Since its launch in January 2018, Over 5000 (!) plates of food have been distributed to everybody that comes to us! Not only that, KCsoc and Food For All have participated in the Coventry University 'InterFaith Week' in which we distributed hundreds of free meals to students, we were nominated for the Best Cultural Event' at the Coventry University Student Union Awards 2018 and we EVEN got featured in the Coventry Telegraph!

Come and join us EVERY MONDAY 12:00-14:00 pm on Jordan Wells Road, opposite the Richard Crossman building!

Check out the Facebook Page to find out more info:

Want to Attend KCsoc?

 Location?: Richard Crossman Building   
     Where?: Room RC207
      When?: Every Tuesday
       Time?: 6:15pm-8pm

We offer you a FREE delicious Vegetarian Feast EVERY WEEK! :D
Membership Fee: £5 for the entire academic year!  You'll also receive a Free Goody Bag

Contact Information

     Twitter: @CovKCSoc
     Mobile: 07584 284 565

We look forward to meeting you! :D

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