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Language Exchange

The professional and academic advantages of learning new languages are well known. In an evermore globalized and interconnected world, the ability to easily interact and understand people from different nations is an increasingly necessary skill. 

Furthermore, at the Language Exchange Society we believe that a vibrant multicultural environment is one of our most cherished assets at Coventry University. We understand that our languages are the most basic representation of our culture, and are convinced that learning a new language is essential to getting to know and understand different cultures.

Therefore, we welcome students from all nationalities, cultures, languages and levels of proficiency to come join us and practice any languages you may be learning, while also helping others who may be interested in learning more about your language.

Aims and Objectives

  • To a create an open and informal space to practice any language.
  • To provide a cost effective and friendly option for students looking to learn languages
  • To share realistic and everyday expressions that might not be learnt in a classroom setting
  • To meet new friends from different countries
  • To share more about our own cultures
  • To help students who are studying for language qualifications
  • To help foreign students adjust to English Culture and Language
  • To prepare students who are visiting or having an academic experience in another country

Meeting place and time: Richard Crossman 249 and 251 (RC249 and RC251) at 6PM Monday

Afterwards we have a social at quids inn with free pizza!

Membership Fee: £3.00 for the whole academic year


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