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League of Legends Society

League of Legends is the largest online multiplayer video game for PC with 5.3 million players this season that have participated in ranked, as well as millions who choose to only play casually. There is a very active and large competitive scene internationally in every region of the world. In the UK, universities are offered the chance to participate in the NUEL (National University ESports League) which you can find by going to

This society would try to throw Coventry university into the NUEL and become known for having a really strong League of Legends team every year, hopefully being able to take the crown from Warwick university. Here students will be able to come together to play League of Legends and make new friends in person, as well as potentially create NUEL teams together.

Aims and Objectives:

1. Help League of Legends players socialize and find other players with similar interests that they will be able to play make friends with and play League of Legends with in their free time.

2. Encourage international students to participate in university societies.

3. Participate as many teams in the NUEL to become known as an active university in the scene.

4. Have at least one highly competitive team who will aim to come first in the NUEL, consisting of the best players that Coventry have to offer.

5. Beat Warwick!

Membership Fee: £2.00

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