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LINKS works alongside St John Ambulance and to provide first aid knowledge and training to all members. LINKS offers an opportunity to learn life saving skills in a social group. Members have the option of becoming a fully qualified first aider and volunteering at events as a First Aider – mainly sporting events, but we have previously covered festivals and ceremonies. This gives crucial real life experience.

LINKS meet weekly to give first aid training which is then practised in groups with casualty simulations; this is great experience and helps you to learn this vital skill. We regularly meet after meetings and socialise outside of official society hours too.

We hope to run a social at Christmas and Easter, we also hope to hold other social events throughout the year, such as ice skating.  LINKS was formed as a way of teaching students at Coventry University how to administer first aid – a skill which is vital for life, and also enhances any CV, in a fun and informal way, with the opportunity to meet new people.


Aims and Objectives for the LINKS Society 

The society will aim to provide students with the opportunity to become involved in St John Ambulance activities.


The objectives of the society:

i. To strive to meet the aims and objectives of St John Ambulance

ii. To attract new volunteers from Coventry University to St John Ambulance

iii. To enable existing St John Ambulance volunteers to maintain their contact with St John Ambulance whilst attending Coventry University

iv. To encourage unit members to remain active volunteers with St John Ambulance when they leave Coventry University

v. To encourage and provide opportunities for personal development

vi. To give students the opportunity to develop their first aid and caring skills

vii. To encourage an ethos of volunteering amongst students

viii. To raise awareness of St John Ambulance including its aims and activities

ix. To broaden the opportunities for students to volunteer in the wider community

x. To provide the most appropriate level of medical care whenever it is requested.


Membership Fee
Membership for the society is £10.00 for the whole academic year


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