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The Maths society offers lots of different opportunities. Obviously Maths plays a key part within our society but we try to make it as engaging and fun as possible. We run weekly meetings which provide a chance to discuss Maths and to also meet new people. They also involve Maths challenges which link in to our overall aim of making Maths fun. 

Of course we also run regular socials. Examples include: pub crawls, movie nights and quizzes.

We are planning to have our weekly meetings on Wednesday evenings in the Engineering building. More details to come soon. 

Look at the events section for more information!

Got any more ideas for the society? Don't hesitate to get in touch.  :)



Our social media accounts are:

Instagram -  covmathssoc

Facebook group - Coventry University Mathematics Society



We have also received funding from the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA).

We encourage you to sign up to the IMA monthly newsletter using the following link:



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Pub Crawl
25th October 7pm - midnight
No elections are currently running

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