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About Nursing Society

Who are we?

The Nursing Society is a small community that comes from the most diverse backgrounds that you can possibly think of and that’s one of the reasons why we are so wholeheartedly welcoming. We are daughters, we are sons, we are moms, we are dads, we are international students, we are “home” students, we are people united by the passion of wanting to make a difference in someone’s life while looking to have as much fun as possible, because one thing that nurses know what to do and do it right, is to live life like there is no tomorrow on their off duties ;) But wait, our members are not exclusively for future nurses! The Society welcomes literally anyone who would like to be part of our little family. So… who are we? We are a fun, kind, inclusive, respectful, and compassionate group of people who are excited to meet you!

What do we do?

You might think: “ThE NuRsInG SoCiEtY mUsT bE a BuNcH oF BoRiNg PeOpLe DoInG bOrInG sTufF”, which is actually right to a certain point honestly. We provide academic guidance and aim to help you as much as we can by sharing some tips about written and practical exams, and to prepare you for placement specially if you are a 1st year student. Speaking of placement, we also share our experiences so you can have an insight of what to expect from the 4 branches of Nursing. Alright so…fun stuff! Considering that this Society is new, we expect to do regular socials, volunteering weekend travels, possible events and activities partnerships with other societies and universities, welcome guest speakers to talk about subjects that might interest you and a looot more!

Why should you join?

Whether you are looking to make new and life lasting friends, find academic, emotional and/ or mental health support, or enjoy as much as possible of your uni experience by making unforgettable memories, the Nursing Society is there for you. We will not only take care of our future patients, but of everyone around us, including you. We are looking to leave a footprint of kindness everywhere we go and to have memorable experiences, so hopefully we can take you along with us :)

What have we done in the past?

Awards and Recognition

The Committee

Iara Nascimento- President

Oonagh Starkey- Treasurer

Ana Rita Moniz- Inclusions Officer

Carly Scott- Events Manager

Ella Tsang- Volunteering Officer


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