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As part of a multicultural student body at Coventry University, our members have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of our planet’s international diversity, by discovering the customs and traditions of a wide range of cultures.

Our members have the chance to explore and embrace different aspects relating to a state’s cultural heritage, including art, history, cuisine and more, through weekly seminars and workshops, as well as various trips and events throughout the year.

One World Society welcomes students from all walks of life, to learn about each other, whilst sharing their own experiences of culture, supported by a friendly and dedicated committee.

Join us and discover how truly united we are in diversity!

Aims of One World Society

1. To offer students the chance to explore different country’s folklores by analysing traditional customs and finding similarities and dissimilarities.

2. To enhance student's knowledge by attempting to understand the reason behind different state's traditional art, holidays, outfits, music, customs, etc.

3. To help students to gain a better understanding of their language and of other languages by examining their etymological development.

4. To support students to discover university's cultural diversity, by explaining their traditions and folklore and exploring other new cultures.

5. To encourage students to appreciate every culture by trying to understand global diversity and by being more tolerant towards other state's customs.



Our first meeting of this academic year will be on Tuesday 24th September in William Morris 128 from 6pm-8pm. Our first meeting will be an icebreaker to welcome all new and returning members. We look forward to seeing you there!


Society Achievements

Shortlisted for 6 awards at the Societies Ball 2019:

  • Society of the Year - WINNER!
  • Best International Culture Society - WINNER!
  • CUSU Recognition
  • Most Committeed Committee
  • Best Project (One World Week)
  • Event of the Year (Draft Day - One World Week)

Runner up for Best Cultural & Faith Society (National Societies Awards 2019)

Culture Community Event of The Year 2019 - One World Week (CUSU Awards 2019)

Society of the Month March 2019

Society of the Month November 2018

One of the Top 3 International Societies in The UNIs Contest 2018

Winner of Best Cultural Event 2018 - Photo Exhibition (Societies Ball 2018)

Shortlisted for 3 awards at the Societies Ball 2017:

  • Society of the Year
  • Best New Society
  • Best International & Cultural Society - WINNER!



Previous Events




From both the Coventry 5K Fun Run and One World Together, we raised £317 for UNICEF!


Previous Trips

Lisbon, Portugal - 2017


Istanbul, Turkey - 2018


Rome, Italy - 2019


Stay Updated

Facebook: One World Society - Coventry University

Twitter: @oneworld_cusu

Instagram: oneworld_cusu


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