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Politics Society

Politics Society,is built to enhance the students experience, not only just focusing on domestic politics but rather the global political landscape itself.  Students debate issues that are controversial in nature; from Trump America, to the economic crisis in venezuela, to the uprising in Hong Kong. Politics society not only discusses these issues but offers potential solutions, though the rigorous cross-examination, that as a society pride ourselves with.The society provides a platform for students to become well-rounded global citizens; allowing them to discuss and debate politics with all sorts of individuals, no matter there background. We are all affected by politics, so to be able to understand and empathize; in essence providing an invisible medium of communication that transcends borders itself. This is our society's ultimate goal, to bring the world to our socials.

Society Format

  • Standard Politics Meeting- This type of activity we held every two weeks and cover a range of topics that are relevant to today's political climate. It will follow a similar structure to previous years, where we as society discuss weekly political events and give our thoughts and opinions on the matter. The Meeting will last about 2 hours, with the first hour being a group discussion, and the second hour being an informal debate, mimicking the debates that are held in the Houses of Commons.

  • Coventry university Politics society Non- partisan Journal- This journal will keep a record of any meaningful discussion that we have, and gives a chance for society members to have a platform to share their thoughts and opinion to a wider audience. (Online journals,youtube vlogs or maybe part of the university newsletter.) book events.   

  • Inter-society competitions- Society may hold debate competition, quiz nights with other societies such as the Conversvative, socialist and also The debate society.

  • Society meal days- This will be held once a month where the society as a whole go to restaurants or Bar for quiz nights, enhancing the student experience.

  • Guest speaker and lectures- will be trying to host guest speakers such as the local MP’s Geoffrey Robinson (Labour),Colleen Margaret Fletcher (Labour),James Cunningham (Labour), and local Councillors. Will be also will try to invite university lectures to discuss topics we as a society want to discuss.

  • Political Trips.- We also want to host society trips to westminster and potentially a trip to Brussels to visit the EU parliament and the Geneva (United Nation Headquarters).  

  • Volunteering Opportunities- Organise charity events with the help of the other societies to help make a positive contribution to the community.

  • Movie Nights- This will held every three weeks or once a month, we will be showing a political themed movie, (Domino's Pizza and Drinks). 

  • Winter Ball- depending on the numbers we would like to host a winter formal with the help of other societies in late December.

  • Radio Interviews- Potential interviews with the coventry and warwickshire radio station.


Membership Fee

Membership for the society is £2 for the whole academic year.

Weekly Meetings:

Tuesdays, 6pm-8pm in the George Eliot Building, room GE234.

Social Media:

Updates on meetings, and the topic for debate will be posted on our Facebook page so don't forget to go and like it!

Facebook Page -

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Politics Society Trip To Brussels
12th January midnight - 27th January midnight
You will also be visiting European Parliament during such a crucial time, a few days before the Brexit deadline. Which will be fascinating for anyone with an interest in politics.
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