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Portuguese Society

This society will not just include Portuguese students, but also open doors to anyone interested in learning about our culture, tradition and language. We will plan to have gatherings every two weeks to mingle about with everybody that joins us. We are also interested in bringing our traditional dishes to some of our gatherings and have our own little clubbing night in a rented salon or pub. We will plan trips to show the new students what the UK is all about.

Aims and Objectives:

1.  We aim to create a platform for Portuguese students to help them settle into University life.

2. We want to celebrate our special days as if we were celebrating them back in Portugal - All together, with amazing foods and drinks and great music!

3. We aim to organise socials for Portuguese students and those interested in the Portuguese culture to create new friends and share experiences. We want to strengthen links with other existing societies also.

4. Our objective is to expand and develop the understanding of the Portuguese language by teaching new comers some basic linguistic skills and share our experience of living in Portugal.

5. We aim to plan a trip to a neighbouring country that resemblances the weather conditions of Portugal in order to make the members of the society take a break from the rainy and cold British weather.



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