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Our next social will taking place Tuesday 26th November! It is our final guest speaker of the term, Dr. Sheena Ashford, covering the topic of EDUCATIONAL Psychology and her work!  Meet us in RCG17 @ 6pm on Tuesday :)

Anyone is welcome, whether you study Psychology or not! We hope to see you all there!

Joining the Psychology Society means a year full of opportunities. Learn interesting psychological theories, visit new places and most importantly, meet new people and make the most of your university experience.

Our society is open to anyone who has an interest in Psychology and wants to learn more, whether you study Psychology or not! We plan talks to be easy to understand and follow for those who are not as familiar with the subject, as it is a common subject that interests all!

What to expect this year:

  • Opportunities to attend talks from experts across the psychology discipline including Criminal, Sport, Social and many more!

  • Join us on trips, local or possibly abroad, with previous events including, a visit to the Freud museum London and being part of the Jeremy Kyle audience! Our abroad last year was to Krakow, Poland.

  • Ice breakers planned with fun activies and games to get to know the members of the society!

  • Potential collaborations with different societies on campus as well as, other Universities!

  • You can expect plenty of social events throughout the year which will include Teezer's, laser tag, pub crawls, movie nights, escape rooms and much more!

  • Judge Rinder is confirmed and possibly a chance to be on a new, upcoming show on Channel 4.

  • Most importantly, the opportunity to meet many other students across the university with a common interest!



We meet every Tuesday at 6pm in RCG17/18.  Follow our socials to see if this ever changes.


Social Media

Come and follow us on:

Instagram @cupsychologysoc


Snapchat @c.upsychsoc

Once you have become a member of the society, you will also gain access to our closed Facebook group which is where we organise and post any upcoming news, socials, events and psychological content to share with the society.

Membership Fee

The membership fee to join the society is £5 for the whole academic year.



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