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Rock Music

Turning it up to 11

Last year, we laid down the foundations for our weekly Jam Sessions that we are rebranding as Rehearsals. If you play an instrument or can sing and would like to be part of an end of year performance, these are for you.

At the start of the year, we will be sitting down with those interested and sorting out what we have and what we can do. It doesn't matter what genre you play, it only matters that you're there! We can go from there. These will be held in ET1-0 on Thursdays between 19:30 and 21:30. 

Unfortunately, the society does not currently have any instruments so it is strictly bring your own gear.

However, the Jam Sessions aren't going away completely! If you don't want to be a part of the end of year performance, there will still be opportunity for you to play! There will be a second group just for those who want to jam or maybe learn a few tricks from other instrumentalists. These will be held on Wednesdays in ET1-01 between 20:00 and 21:30.


Every other week, we hold Rock Night @ Ivy House! These give you the chance to dance to your favourite songs as they come with our very own DJ! The events this year will come with themes and it's bonus points for those who dress to match the themes! This year, Rock Night @ Ivy House!  is free entry to all Rock Music Society Members with a membership card and Student ID. No card means no entry!  Otherwise, it's £2 on the door for any non-member with a Student ID.

Last year, we had Emo Night where we all dressed like we were 13 and weren't "just going through a phase" (lets be realistic, we never grew out of it). Featured is a photo of current President, Josh, doing his best Matt Bellamy impersonation.

We also had a Glam Rock Night. Some of our members dressed like they'd stepped right out of the 80s rock music scene like they'd just come from a Guns 'n' Roses gig! It's safe to say that best dressed of that night was current Vice President, Morgan, and his better half, Morganne!

UV Night featured UV face painting from one of our Friends of the Society who did a fantasic job of getting our members covered in paint, often tastefully, often just by slapping them unexpectedly!

Christmas Jumper night featured a rather colourful choice by our President, Josh, who was found sporting a light-up Christmas Tree. We're told he thought he looked very cool, as you can see. Think you can one-up him? Well, it won't be too long and you can try!

We plan on having plenty more themed socials throughout the year so keep an eye on this page for new events!

Alongside the Rock Night @ Ivy House!, we also hold quieter events. Games Night is always a popular one. Every member is assigned to a team and each tem must complete the tasks as they are given out. An example of the games are the Fetch Quests, Tower Building and Best Mummy from last year.

We also hosted a Pool Competition last year at The Aardvark who were lovely enough to offered us a fantastic prize pool for the first, second and third place pairs! We plan on hosting two of these this year, one in First Semester and one in Second Semester, as well as other competitions like Darts and maybe even a Go Kart race!

In addition to the competition-based socials, we will also hold our Social Socials on the inbetween weeks where there isn't a competition or Rock Night @ Ivy House where we converge on The Phoenix for a night of drinking and chatting. These will give you the opportunity to hang out with other members and get to know them and the committee better, after all, they're just like you! They want to meet people and socialise as well and this Society is a safe space to do it!

To round things off, we like to host our End of Year Ball. To put it simply, it's like a normal Rock Night @ Ivy House!  except we all dress up in suits and dresses and pretend to be fancy. It's a great laugh and for our last ball we even managed to get Johnny Doom DJ'ing alongside Rawk! Night's own DJ Harris!


We wouldn't be much of a Rock Music Society if we didn't attend gigs. Fortunately, Rawk! Productions and Catch 22 Productions have got us covered!

Rawk! Productions put on almost weekly gigs at The Phoenix Dark Room and they are fantastic! A very intimate venue where you are literally right in front of the performers and with entry to these as little as £2, theres no reason not to go! Some notable bands that have performed there recently are:

  • Kurokuma
  • Blind Monarch
  • Barbarian Crown
  • Antre
  • Electric Eel Shock (Pres.' Favourite)
  • Dragster
  • Face Up!

Catch 22 Productions  will also fulfill your gig-going needs and have recently put on some fantastic shows featuring:

  • Mused
  • wars
  • Agoraphobia
  • Ellipsis
  • Luna Kiss

It is highly encouraged that you go to these gigs because they are an amazing show, cheap tickets for us and it's important for the local Rock Music Society to support the local Rock scene!


Our membership fee currently sits at £10 for the year. This grants you free entry to all Rock Night @ Ivy House! events as well as other benefits. 

This includes:

  • Free entry to The Phoenix Dark Room.
  • Discounted ticket prices to gigs at The Phoenix Dark Room.
  • Discounted ticket prices to Catch 22 Promotions gigs at The Tin and Zephyr Lounge in Leamington Spa. 

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, all members will be entitled to a plus one with your membership card, however, your plus ones are your responsibility, they can be anyone, no need for a Student ID.

Plus more to come!

RocSoc Committee

To give you the chance to learn a little bit about the committee, and I do mean a little bit, here are our committee's picks for their favourite song at the moment.

Josh Mills, President

"I love this song because it has an awesome riff and the lyrics are actually rather meaningful for a Muse song. Also it has your typical Bellamy Breathing and that is just... very nice..."

Morgan Davies, Vice President

"Because it's a song that really vibes with me, it was at a point in his career at which he was close to his best. It's just so upbeat and the little reprise at the end just gives it the punch it needs and it was never really performed the same twice. Forever growing, developing and changing."

James Sidney Godfrey, Social Inclusions


"This question will most likely have a different answer every time its asked but it reminds me of times that are tough and youre on the verge of giving up but you manage to find the lighter side of these times and end up enjoying them." or alternatively, "Because it slaps."

Martin Brockett, Treasurer

"I love the riffs. Oli Sykes' part in the song is great, the lyrics have a lot of meaning to me and the music video is perfect."


  1. Create a safe space for our members.
  2. Make members involved in the running of the Society.
  3. Promoting local rock music in Coventry as well as receiving exclusive benefits for members.
  4. Bringing people together to play and enjoy all genres of Rock Music.
  5. Creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere for all of our members to enjoy themselves.

Social Media

Don't forget you can catch us on Instagram and Twitter @curocksoc! 

Use this to stay updated with our events and don't forget to tag us in your photos! We want to see what you guys get up to when you're at our events!

Contact us!

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to drop us an email at 

Or if you have a question for a specific committee member:

  • Josh Mills, President:
  • Morgan Davies, Vice President:
  • James Sidney Godfrey, Social Inclusions:
  • Martin Brockett, Treasurer:


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