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Sri Lankan Society

The Sri Lankan Society wants to bring together both of Sri Lankan descent and non-Sri Lankan descent where we can all get together at Coventry University, become friends, network and most importantly, have fun! We want to encourage members to learn more about Sri Lanka, the culture and heritage but in a way that involves each individual. Proposed activities would be the initial meet and greet where we introduce ourselves and get to know each other through the use of ice breakers, then weekly meetings where we can do activities together which will range from week to week. Sri Lankan cuisine nights can be introduced where Sri Lankan foods are bought in and everyone can try different foodstuffs but of course, other food will be brought in for people who may not like them. In terms of social outings, nights out can be arranged where we explore local Coventry night life depending on the preferences of the members within the Society and eventually, we can branch out to the Sri Lankan Societies at Warwick University and Birmingham Aston.


Aims & objectives:

1. Provide a space where we can educate students, both of Sri Lankan origin and non Sri Lankan origin about the culture and heritage of the country through fortnightly meetings.

2. To organise trips and activities that broaden each individual’s knowledge about the culture. 

3. Celebrate national and religious holidays by organising socials intended to bring together the members of the society. 

4. To organise events that allow students to interact with other Sri Lankan Societies at universities from all across the country.

5. To create a community that is all inclusive and will bring together individuals from all walks of life.

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