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Treasure House Society

Treasure House is a faith based society with a primary aim to bring out the best in students and groups of people. Experience has shown that students have the willingness to try something new that can add value to their lives. Before a practical solution is born, it is important that the need is addressed.

We beliebe that people are filled with an abundance of gifts and abilities implanted on their inside. Treasure House aims to raise people of character, academic excellence and confidence to take responsibility of their lives. This noble objective will give a new definition to the way most students are perceived both by themselves and outsiders. It will result in the emergence of well-polished and vibrant individuals of relevance with a sense of direction to live a maximised life and be of use for the betterment of others in the world.

We believe providing more opportunities for students to choose from and get support in their faith and spirituality is a positive. While every Christian society might seem to be similar in objectives, their style, strategies and type of audience they attract are not ever the same. Allowing us to have the liberty to run a faith based society and be of help to fellow students would go a long way to reassure us and make us feel welcomed.

Aims and Objectives:


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