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About WhatNext? Coventry

Who are we?

WhatNext? Coventry is the CUSU society dedicated to the empowerment and academic encouragement of local  BAME school pupils, through the delivery of our interactive workshops; delivering much-needed content on life-skills and holistic higher education options (e.g. Higher Apprenticeships) and our tailored and personal mentoring (delivered by our incredible members from Coventry University - yes, this could be you!). All in all, we are a committee that prides ourselves on pushing for the inclusion of BAME individuals in all walks of life!

What do we do?

The first semester involves moulding determined individuals into accomplished mentors, by way of engaging events and lively bi-weekly sessions, who will then be able to effectively and impactfully carry out our mission. Delivering sessions specifically tailored to emphasise life skills and holistic higher-educational skills to KS4 pupils. Then in the second semester, we shall see our goal come into fruition as we begin our Mentorship Programme with our local delivery partner, i.e. school, youth group (TBC)

Why should you join?

For individuals passionate about equal and fair representation amongst BAME ethnic groups this is a fantastic opportunity for people to undergo a process of individual growth as well as shaping and honing the future of the next generation. With our extensive network, there is an opportunity to access multiple streams of support, whether it is a passion, interest or skill that you want to develop there is always an avenue available to enable your progression. Overall, you will: - Be the change you seek to society - Help tackle vast socio-economic inequalities in the BAME community - Develop yourself as a person, student, change-maker - Meet like-minded people and build your proffesional network - Have lots and lots of FUNNNNN!

What have we done in the past?

1. BAME Inspire Conference I 2020-  This was a night to remember! Our first annual speaker event received so much praise from students in attendance as they found inspiring and insightful, thanks to the nuggets of wisdom shared by our speakers from sectors such as Engineering and International Development.

2. Community Debate 2019 - What a suppperrrr night. In last years debate, we had some real thought-provoking conversations and engaging debate, with topics such as Mental Health in BAME communities and Diversity in Higher Education. Again, we had some amazing student panellists and hope to build on this, this year. Who knows, maybe you could join our panel?  

3. Building a sense of community - Last year was our first year of being a CUSU society and we wanted to build a community and famil vibe from the off. We are glad to say that we managed to do this and hope to build on this next year :)

Awards and Recognition

The Committee

President - Lewis Goode (Instagram - @_lew.g_ )

Vice President – David Olufowora  (Instagram - @dave.ldn_)

Treasurer – Hasan Shah (Instagram - @h5asan)

Inclusion Officer – Reema Sahota (Instagram - @a_reema_original)

Social media manager –  Alvin Duma (Instagram - @alvin.d98)

Mentor Co-Ordinator - Ilisha Chander-Masaun (Instagram - @econominds)


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Be the change

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