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WhatNext? Coventry


WhatNext? Coventry is the CUSU society dedicated to the empowerment and academic encouragement of local BAME Y10 pupils, through the delivery of our interactive workshops; delivering much-needed content on life-skills and holistic higher education options (e.g. Higher Apprenticeships) and our phenomenal, tailored and personal mentoring (delivered by our incredible student Volunteer Mentors from Coventry University - yes, this could be you!).

We are a student-led and student-driven organisation seeking to empower, enlighten and inspire the next generation of future leaders and strongly beleive in being the person you needed when you were younger! No matter what background you come from or experience you have (or haven't got), WhatNext? Coventry, is a place you can call home. 


Welcome to the society, that is going to change society. 


What are you waiting for?  - Get involved now, we can't wait to meet you! 

Weekly meet-ups:

Every Monday, 6:30 - 8pm @ GE133, George Eliot Building


Get in touch and make sure you follow us on:

Facebook - @WhatNextCoventry

Instagram - @whatnextcoventry

Twitter - @CoventryNext

LinkedIn -

Why we do, what we do.


- “ethnic minority applicants apply to the most selective universities are less likely to receive offers, even when they may have the same grades as their white counterparts” -  The Independent, 2019

- 87 per cent of apprentices supported by the Degree Apprenticeship Development Fund were white - The Office for Students, 2017

- “1.1 per cent of 15−29 year olds in England and Wales are of Black Caribbean heritage compared to just 0.5 per cent of students at Russell Group universities” “2.8 per cent and 1.2 per cent of 15−29 year olds are of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin respectively compared to only 1.8 per cent and 0.6 per cent of students at Russell Group universities“ - Aiming Higher - Race, Inequality and Diversity in the Academy, 2015

- “Black Africans, Pakistani/Bangladeshis and black Caribbean people have markedly higher rates of unemployment, around 3−4 times as high. Even Indian and Chinese men are around twice as likely to be unemployed" - Aiming Higher - Race, Inequality and Diversity in the Academy, 2015

We simply can't stand by and let this happen...

Our vision:

We envision a future in which BAME school leavers feel confident about making choices which will heavily impact their future and have fundamental skills which will allow them to #beexcellent, no matter what route they take in the future. Whilst developing our members, allowing them to also #beexcellent as they begin to prepare for their #WhatNext

How we plan to achieve this: 
- Provide tailored mentoring from a current undergraduate student at Coventry University to local Y10s
- Facilitate interactive workshops which teach invaluable life skills (e.g. financial literacy)
- Deliver sessions focusing on Higher Education, tackling disillusionment and highlighting the endless options
for students, e.g. Higher Apprenticeships

Aims & Objectives:

1. Ensure all engaged members and pupils  WhatNext? Coventry works with are included and safeguarded

2. Empower, enlighten, and inspire youths from BAME and other underrepresented backgrounds for their HE journey and beyond, through leading insightful Higher Education information workshops

3. Demystify Higher Education disillusionment, showing a variety of options, through sharing of personal experiences and the delivery of our workshop 'Apprenticeships and Beyond' 

4.  Highlighting and teaching key life skills to school pupils which mainstream education fails to address, such as networking and financial literacy

5. Provide tailored and inspiring mentoring, giving unbiased and fact-based support and guidance to young people as they navigate the tricky path to their future

6.  Create a platform for our members to develop employability, social and leadership skills, as well as, turning their passion for giving back to their local community into action

2019/20 plans include:

- Bi-weekly socials for all students to mingle and get to know their WhatNext? family 

- Larger events, such as panel talks and debates with high-profile guests

- Social events, such as bowling and trips to Birmingham Christmas markets

- Skills sessions for our members to develop their professional skills 

- and much more!


Ensure you buy your membership and stay up-to-date by following our socials!






President - Lewis Goode(Instagram - @_lew.g_, Twitter - @LewisGoodeUK1)

Vice President – Kiran Sandher (Instagram - @kiran_sandhar)

Treasurer – Alvin Duma (Instagram - @alvin.d98)

Inclusion Officer – Shubby 

Social media and PR Officer – Justin Beder (Instagram - @justbgenuine, Twitter - @justinmarkbeder)

Logistics Co-Ordinator – Thenji Phillips (Instagram - @10geeeeeeeeee)

Mentor Co-Ordinator - Junior Hubbins (Instagram - @junior_hubbz, Twitter - @HubbinsJunior)

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