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What is BRIT2021?

Coventry University will be entering the nationwide campaign ‘BRIT 2021 Challenge’ (British Inspiration Trust), which supports young adult mental health in the UK.

Are you up for taking part in activity to reach our targets…?

Help us achieve our goals

We need your support in achieving our exciting aims. Donate, pledge miles or be one of our 2021 people involved in our #CUBRIT2021 challenge.

Funds raised

Target £2021
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Miles moved

0 miles
Target 20210
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People involved

0 people
Target 2021

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How to get involved

There are various ways to get involved. Below shows you the ways of recording your activity through our Strava Sport Coventry Club and also our form to log your hours if you do not use Strava or any other activity apps.

Do you have a strava account? Do you have a strava account?

Spread the word!

We want to see as many people involved in the BRIT 2021 challenge. Make sure you log your activity through our Strava Club or Forms, showcase your activity through our #CUBRIT2021, TAG US and SHARE YOUR ACTIVITY!!

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