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Current location: Coventry

CUSU is a charity dedicated to improving the lives of students studying at Coventry University. As we are a student led organisation there are several ways that you can get involved in our decision making structures.

Who runs CUSU?

You do! Each year we ask students to elect who they want to represent them.

The Full-Time Officers are elected to spend a sabbatical year working for students. Whilst the Faculty Reps are students who are elected into voluntary positions they undertake whilst studying to oversee representation within their faculty, support other Reps and liaise with faculty staff. The Campus Officers work in our satellite campuses of CU Coventry and CU London to ensure that the students there have their voice heard. Collectively they make up the Student Executive

The Executive Committee meets together every other week throughout the year to ensure that the Student's Union is student led. Any students can attend the meetings as an observer, you just can't vote on any of the issues being discussed, take a look at the calendar to find out when the next meeting will be held and come along.

Board of Trustees

As a charity, the Students' Union is overseen by a Board of Trustees, which is ultimately responsible for the governance of the charity. The Board of Trustees is legally responsible for CUSU and ensuring that CUSU complies with relevant legal frameworks. They also ensure sound financial decisions making and set the strategy for CUSU alongside Student Council.

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