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ACT NOW: Ukraine

How you can take action and support Coventry Students and the Ukrainian people


Your Students’ Union is supporting and working with Ukrainian Coventry University Students across the UK in the humanitarian relief efforts for their country, here’s how you can show your support:

  1. Organise a Society or Sports Team Fundraiser
  2. Donate through our dedicated fundraising page securely and safely.
  3. Drop off crucial supplies for Ukrainians fleeing the conflict at our campus collection points.
  4. Show your support by following and liking our Cov Uni Ukrainian Society social media.

You can also read the statements on the ongoing crisis from CUSU Officers and the University.

A photo of Pavel Pimpkin - President of the Ukrainian Society in a checked jacket and open collar looking off to the right of the screen. He is a young white Ukranian man with short neat hair and brown eyes

A Message from Pavel Pimpkin - President CUSU Ukrainian Society

The Ukrainian Society is working as the main Hub for those who want to find all the necessary information about donations, humanitarian help and as the main communicator between Ukrainian students and the University. Ukrainian society is not only for Ukrainians, but that is also a platform for all people interested in our country, culture and future opportunities!’

‘I ask you to repost our new Instagram post, mark our Instagram page and encourage all your members who are interested in Ukraine to follow us!


You can fundraise as an individual or as a Society or Sports Team.

Through our Raising & Giving arm, we are supporting humanitarian aid fundraising efforts through the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) and we’re encouraging all students to give to a known charity to ensure any money raised gets to the right place fast.

Click here to donate

Sports Teams & Societies

If you’re a CUSU Sports Team or Society, all official fundraising must be to the DEC Ukrainian Disaster Appeal and there are specific rules you have to follow - please contact your CUSU Societies or Sports Team coordinator before you start.


Give Crucial Supplies to Ukrainian Families

CUSU are collecting vital supplies for Ukrainian families fleeing the war zone. The most urgent supplies for Children and Families are:

  • Protein bars
  • Bandages
  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • Flashlights with batteries
  • First aid kits and dressings
  • Sanitary products
  • Nappies

Please ensure they are in-date/unopened and bring them to our donation sites in the following locations:

  • Coventry

    Location: In The Hub, Jordan Well

    1. downstairs near reception this week and next 11-2pm,
    2. at the SU reception on level one
  • CU Coventry

    Location: Foyer of CU Coventry Mile Lane

  • CovUni London

    Location: Student Information Desk, 3rd Floor, University House


  • CU Scarborough

    Location: Students' Union Office - Ground Floor

  • CU London

    Location: Dagenham Campus - Reception Area

    Location: Greenwich Campus - 10th Floor Reception Area

  • Coventry University Wroclaw

    Financial Donations and Support:

Stand in solidarity with the Coventry Ukrainian Society

Showing your support for the Cov Uni Ukrainian Society and the Ukrainian People is a simple and free way to help out. With a follow and like you can send a message to our Ukrainian students that you are there and you care.

Follow The Ukrainian Society on Insta
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