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CUSU In Partnership with the Community

We have partnerships with over 100 community organisations and charities.

Browse our website to see the amazing opportunities available.

Here are the categories you can choose from:

Share or gain skills in areas such as IT, media, marketing and communications, or volunteer in a retail setting to support charities and community organisations. You could also fundraise or develop your own event or activity!
Environmental & Animal Welfare
Take part in gardening, conservation and wildlife projects, work with animals or raise awareness about sustainable living and climate change.
Crisis & Poverty
Offer support, advice and practical help to emergency services, food banks, refugees and asylum seekers, homeless people and other vulnerable groups in the city.
Crime & Justice
Work in the community to help reduce crime, offer support to victims and witnesses or those suffering domestic violence.
Culture & Heritage
Volunteer at libraries, museums and cultural festivals, or get involved in arts and crafts, music or drama projects to benefit the local community.
CUSU Volunteering
Volunteer on-campus within the Students’ Union, get involved in committees, events and projects to support students.
Health & Social Care
Help young people address substance abuse, support people with learning difficulties lead an independent and healthy life, or promote awareness and understanding of mental health issues within the community.
People & Communities
Gain experience working with children and young people by raising their aspirations, or help reduce isolation and loneliness in older people, families and other community groups.
Sports & Recreation
Encourage others to get involved in sports and leisure activities or support the coaching and development of clubs in a variety of sports.
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