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Abbey Ojo, VP Welfare and Community

Vice President for Welfare and Community

Hi, I’m Abbey and I am your Vice President for Welfare and Community at CUSU. Part of my role is to support the Student Volunteering Team and Volunteering department to help student make the most of Volunteering opportunities during their time at Coventry.

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The Student Volunteer Team

We are a group of students here at Coventry University who support the Volunteering Department in all possible ways! We promote volunteering community and various opportunities around the campus (you can often see us running around The Hub and encouraging students to get involved). But not only that!
We also take lead on different volunteering events which we run over the year, such as fairs and stalls on the campus, full of fun activities.

We also organise events that celebrate all the great work and involvement of all committed students around the university – such as our amazing social events. They are a great opportunity for all volunteers to come together and meet like-minded people, while enjoying their night of fun, food and games. No better way to build an awesome volunteering community!
Our goal is to make sure that each and every student around the campus is aware of the volunteering opportunities and encouraged to help out in some unique and altruistic causes. We are here to help you overcome any barriers that stop you from volunteering and show you how awesome and rewarding being there is!

You may see us around, in our teal blue ‘Student Volunteering Community’ hoodies - don’t feel shy or embarrassed to ask us anything; we’re all friendly and more than happy to help you on your way!

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