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This opportunity is based in Scarborough which is quite far from Coventry!
If you are a CU Scarborough student you can view the opportunity here

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Sustainability Champion

This opportunity takes place between 13 Sep 2020 and 30 Apr 2021. Applications closed on 20 Sep.

We are currently recruiting student volunteers to form our new Sustainability Champions Team in September. This role would be suited to anyone with a keen interest in sustainability who is looking for the opportunity to showcase their creative abilities and develop new skills.


This role will be centred around promoting sustainable student living and offer the opportunity to:

  • Create online content for e-newsletters, social media, and website articles.
  • Contribute to the planning and coordination of projects, events, and competitions.
  • Develop engaging activities and behaviour change campaigns.

Please have a look at our full role description for more information.


Hours per week

Up to 4 hours per week

Hours details

On average we ask for around 4 hours per week commitment from our volunteers; however, we are flexible with how/when you volunteer so it fits in with your busy student schedule!

Training available

You will have the opportunity to receive ongoing training that covers various areas such as communication skills, activity planning and so fourth. This year we will be trialing the use of online modules to give students the flexibility to complete training at more convenient times for them.


On campus and online

DBS required?


Benefits to self

You will have the opportunity to gain valuable experience to include on your CV and LinkedIn profile. You will also be able to develop your creativity, organisation, communication and teamwork skills.

Benefits to others

You will offer support to your peers by educating them on how to live more sustainable lifestyles.

Transport details

For the first few months, volunteering activities will predominantly be online. The few in-person activities that take place will be on campus or areas local to campus so no additional transportation will be required.

Time commitment

There is no minimum time period that students are required to volunteer. Students have the flexibility to volunteer for as long as they would like and leave at any point should they wish.


You will be offered training and ongoing support from staff and the Vice President for Activities.


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