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Current location: Coventry

This opportunity is based in Scarborough which is quite far from Coventry!
If you are a CU Scarborough student you can view the opportunity here

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COVID-19 Mass Testing Support Volunteer

This opportunity takes place between 04 Jan 2021 and 18 Jan 2021.

Help make a real difference to your community. From 4th January, for 2 weeks, Mass Testing for Covid-19 will take place in Coventry to help bring the transmission rates down in the area. Can you help? A variety of roles are available over this two week period. Full training and PPE will be provided.

Registration Assistant

  • Providing verbal support to subject registering on their device.
  • Adding people to the register if not already registered and providing support if QR code is not scanning.
  • If person cannot use own device, requests verbal consent from subject to complete registration on their behalf.
  • Provides testing kit to person to take to the testing station.
  • Directs person to available testing station.

Test Assistant

  • On hand to provide individuals with additional verbal instructions if required.
  • Ensures the self-administered test is labelled appropriately and has barcodes attached.
  • Ensures tests have been passed test to a Processing Operative.
  • Directs individuals to exit, with test card.

Processing Operative

  • Sets up sample for analysis.
  • Pipettes reagent to sample, following SOP.
  • Times the sample analysis.
  • Await and read result displayed and mark it on device.
  • Pushes results for digital upload.
  • QA another Processing Operative's results analysis.

Results Recorder

  • Enters result onto a managed device, including scan of QR code.
  • Result is automatically sent to dashboard and Test & Trace

Team Leader(s)

  • Will be Responsible for overall delivery of testing and managing escalations.
  • Ensures smooth operation, organisation teams and test slots.

Supplies Co-ordinator

  • Ensures test kits are stored in a clinically safe manner
  • receives supplies and manage stock and manages devices updates.

Queue Co-ordinator

  • Ensures crowd control and manages queues to ensure social distancing prior to site entry.

All volunteers will receive full training as well as PPE which meets the latest Government standards.


Hours per week

Flexible commitment over a two week period between the hours of 7am and 7pm

Hours details

Flexible commitment over a two week period starting 4th January 2021, between the hours of 7am and 7pm.

Training available

Full training and PPE will be provided on Induction



DBS required?


Time commitment

One full day up to two weeks.


Supervisor on site and contact with a Volunteer Manager


Reasonable and agreed expenses will be reimbursed
  • ProfessionsAdministration, Events, Health, IT
  • Crisis & PovertyCrisis Support, Emergency services

Employability skills

  • Transferable Skills 0
Current selection: No