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This opportunity is based in Scarborough which is quite far from Coventry!
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Beards & Books

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Beards and Books is an educational programme designed to improve the learning outcomes of children across the U.K

Maths Resource Creator

This opportunity takes place between 14 Feb 2021 and 14 Feb 2022.

This role is about creating and preparing Maths resources for Early Years up to KS3. The role includes drafting up Maths questions, the explanation to solve the questions and worksheet answers. You will be responsible for: -Ensuring the suitability of questions is age appropriate. -The clarity of the working out sheets is understandable. -The answers to the questions are accurate. -The layout plan of the worksheet. You will need: -Knowledge of Mathematics. -A strong understanding of the different levels of knowledge for different age groups. -The ability to be clear and concise. -To be reliable and committed to the role.

You need a laptop or computer and a reliable internet connection as this role is virtual.

Hours per week

2 - 4

Hours details

Work is flexible.

Training available

-You will be offered training courses throughout the year. -You will receive full training in software needed to fulfil your role.


Remote working. Head office located in Sheffield

DBS required?


Benefits to self

Volunteering boosts CVs with demonstrable work experience, increases employability, opens doors to new opportunities, and provides a chance to meet and work with new people.

Benefits to others

Volunteering with Beards & Books contributes to the organisation’s social aims. You would be volunteering for an organisation whose aim is to make an impact in both Black and ethnic minority communities and in lower socioeconomic environments.

Time commitment

2 - 4 hours per week


-You will be supervised throughout your volunteering experience. -You will be assigned a mentor to help you fulfil your potential.


  • ProfessionsAdministration, Online Volunteering
  • People & CommunitiesChildren

Employability skills

  • Transferable Skills 0
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