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This opportunity is based in Scarborough which is quite far from Coventry!
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Elections Advisory Group Member

This opportunity is ongoing, with no end date.

Coventry University Students’ Union (CUSU) is at the heart of the student voice at Coventry. You elect your student leaders every year who work to represent your views, lobby on your behalf and work on projects to improve your student experience.

This role will work closely with CUSU staff to ensure that our elections are conducted in a free and fair manner with students at the heart. You will support in making recommendations and decisions on how we conduct elections from timings to events and initiatives. You will need to be impartial and should have no conflict of interest to ensure the group stays neutral.

This role is exclusive to the elections at Coventry University Students Union. Each year the Students Unions runs Spring and Autumn Elections to election our student leaders for the following year. To make sure our elections are as student led as possible we have a small team of students to help us make decisions on the elections. These students must be impartial and have no conflict of interest in the elections whatsoever. They will influence such things as, the timings of the elections, the events comprised throughout the elections period, the support offered to candidates and more!

Tasks include:

Attending Elections advisory meetings

Giving opinion and input based on their experience as students and in previous elections

Remaining completely impartial towards candidates and have no part in the elections outside of the planning.

Providing insights into student trends and facilitate successful planning.

Hours per week

2 hours per week - during Election Planning

Hours details

Hours are roughly 2 hours per week during the planning period for each election. Autumn planning period is August, Spring planning period is October but the advisory group will start to meet from November.

Training available

Training provided, you will receive an insight into elections


Remote with the option for hybrid meetings (in person and online)

DBS required?


Benefits to self

Experience in a project management environment Working to plan a large scale project in a dynamic workplace.

Benefits to others

Improving the elections experience for the students of Coventry University.

Time commitment

Approximately 10 hours across 5/6 weeks.


Full time staff support on hand for any questions.


Not applicable.
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