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Current location: Coventry

Welcome to Coventry!

As a Coventry University (aka Cov Uni) or CU Coventry student you are automatically a member of CUSU, your Students' Union.

This year will be a little different but we've still got amazing experiences, events, groups, and opportunities to help you make the most of University. Whether you're a new student or a returner, undergraduate or postgraduate, home or international, this is for you.

Are you from Cov Uni London, CU London, CU Scarborough or Wroclaw? Use those links to head to your Welcome site :)

Events Lineup

from 13th September 2021

We have a range of free day time and paid for evening events - more details to be announced soon. Buy your Freshers Pass 2021 to guarantee entry to all eight of our evening events.

Clubs and Societies

Join online now at our virtual fairs.