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About Tabletop

Who are we?

Greetings adventurers!

We are one of Coventry University's best and most active societies as well as a top tier place to socialise online.

There's an amazing collection of players in our society who play all sorts of tabletop games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer, Pathfinder, Cyberpunk RED, Magic the Gathering and many more.

Whatever your interests, we're sure to have a game for you!

For members and people with the "I'm Interested" tag, we're on 24/7 online, join our Discord here:

What do we do?

On top of helping run campaigns for tabletop RPGs, we also provide a place for people to meet and play an assortment of online community games such as things on Tabletop Simulator, JackboxTV, Gartic Phone, Among Us, Project Winter, Werewolf, Cards Against Humanity, Secret Hitler and, again, even more.

If you ever want to play a game that we don't seem to play, let us know! There's always people around willing to try out new things~ We even run monthly movie nights that have been going strong since last year (even through the summer, we've stayed active and strong!)

The very best place to interact with the society directly is through our Discord server, where members and interested folks hang out:
It has dedicated channels for all things D&D, Warhammer, places to organise campaigns, notices about events and miscellaneous games.

We meet up and play together on campus on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons for General Tabletop/D&D and Warhammer meets, respectively.

Why should you join?

During our downtime, we're a pretty relaxed society, often sitting about playing games and having a laugh. Even me, sitting here writing this out as the current President: I didn't know anyone at the beginning of last year! I just met so many cool people, threw myself into the hobbies we all share and have had a blast the whole time.

It's likely one of the best chances you'll get to try and join a campaign in D&D or to find a game of Warhammer at the uni and we'll be doing "Introduction to ..." sessions for people wanting to get into a certain system, run by other members passionate about those games.

The society had trips to places such as the Warlock's Winter Ball and Laser Tag events in non-Covid times and, if we don't get to do those this year, we promise to make it up to you with fun events that can be done on our home turf.

If you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of people that may be around, you can always message me (Aga) or Jess, our Inclusions Officer (on Discord for the fastest response) who are here to make sure that you have a good and comfortable time - a society is meant to be a pretty fun place, after all!

What have we done in the past?

This society has seen some pretty great growth in a very short period of time. Two years ago we were only focused on Warhammer and had about 8 members, jumping up to over 40 last year, and to an even further 50+ in this past year, even with us being fully online due to Covid!

As of writing this, there are over 10 campaigns currently running in the society (each group having 4-7 people, plus a GM), with many more having been completed and closed, and a couple that are preparing to open up for freshers.

We had a variety of social events: a laser tag social, a swap shop for members to trade their unused models, the trip to the Warlock's Winter Ball in London (some members went dressed as their D&D characters!), monthly movie nights and the occaisional quiz night with prizes!

Awards and Recognition

The Committee

President : Agata Panasiuk

Hey guys, my name's Aga and I'm an Illustration and Animation third year student who is online a little too much so I'm pretty easily available to chat if you need anything. I do try, of course, to be professional most of the time, however you'll see that quickly fall apart if you ever have to speak with me in person or voice chat.
Reminder that you can find us and other members 24/7 in our Discord server: 

I was the previous Vice-President of this society and helped it grow alongside the President, at the time (praise be to Fergus), into what it is now, including drawing up our current logo. The committee are an awesome group of people, not only this year's one but also last year's, of which most are still around playing and running games.

I personally love D&D 5E due to it's accessibility and have run 2 long-form games (each being over a year long) to completion within the system - one homebrew and one Forgotten Realms, as well as many more partial campaigns and oneshots. I'm currently also running an Eberron-based campaign with a group in the society that is open to watch when it's on called The Voidlands.

Vice-President: Joshua Hallstrom

Hey everyone! I’m Josh (though everyone in the society calls me Gav, it’s a long story), the Vice-President of this society for this year. I’m a second year Ethical Hacking and Cybersecurity student and have been a big fan of TTRPGs for years now. I’m mainly a 5E D&D guy, but I also like to dabble in Pathfinder, Cyberpunk, and some other less popular systems. I have an interest in Warhammer as well!

As the other committee members, I am most active within the discord server, where I’m usually lurking around or making very bad jokes. I’m also hoping to start my own campaigns this year, so you might end up with me as your DM depending on what you are interested in!

Treasurer: Tobias Cooke

Hello, I am Toby and I am the Treasurer of the Tabletop society. I am a third year studying international relations and have been an active member of the Tabletop society since my first year, my main tabletop game is D&D 5E but I have some experience with others like wrath and glory.
I intend to be at the majority of our in-person events and am often on our discord. I look forward to meeting all of you.

Inclusions Officer : Jessica Stephens

Hey, I'm a third year Fine Art student with a passion for D&D and board games, especially ones with a co-op or social deception element. I'm often active on the society discord, either hanging out in voice chats or taking part in games.
Feel free to drop me a message any time. I'm always happy to help out!

Events Officer: Jay Harris

D&D Rep: Jake Corfield

Hi all! I'm Jake. I'm a Computing Student and the D&D rep, so anything to do with Tabletop, Board Games and Dungeons & Dragons, I'm your guy! I also dabble in MTG and have some knowledge of Warhammer; I'm more than happy to chat about whatever everyone is passionate about.
If you feel like dropping by for a chat, I'm always open!

Warhammer Rep: Roarke Mosley


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News and Updates

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