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About Acoustic Music Society

Who are we?

We are a group of students who are enthusiastic about music! Our goal is to bring together everyone who shares the passion for playing instruments, singing and performing. Our society provides a perfect safe space for anyone who wants to learn an instrument, practice their skills or simply hang out with other music enthusiasts. You don’t even need to know how to play anything. We encourage people to come out of their shells but we will never push anyone to perform. It’s all very chill and fun so come and join us!

What do we do?

We meet up, bring out instruments and have fun! Sometimes we play games, sometimes we have lessons. We also have theme night competitions! But sometimes we’re all in a mood for a regular old jam session. You have an opportunity to rehearse with a band and perform on one of the open mics. We take every opportunity to perform, have fun and enjoy live music. We also build an online community (on facebook and instagram) where we share musical entries by our talented members. Don’t hesitate and reach out!

Why should you join?

If you love music and want to be a part of an amazing, friendly and supportive community, AMS is the right place for you! Have you always wanted to learn to play the guitar or piano but never had the time? Or have you wanted to show off your singing talent but never had the opportunity? Now is the perfect time!

What have we done in the past?


Apart from performing in various open mic nights in local venues around Coventry, we’re proud to say we’ve helped people with our music too. We joined several events in order to raise funds for local charities!

- 3rd November 2019, St Basils x Studio Reevo charity event, £100 raised

- 27th November 2019, St Basils charity event, £135 raised (this if how the Gaming Collective started)

- 29th January 2020, Gaming collective event for Lymphoma Association and Amnesty International, £210 raised.

- 11th March 2020, Gaming collective event for LGBTQIA+ society and Mermaid, £190 raised.


Awards and Recognition

Societies Award 2020: Most Improved Society, CUSU Recognition Award

The Committee


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