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Welcome May Starters!

We're your Students' Union (aka CUSU) and we're here to offer support and advice, to represent you, and to provide some fun ways to connect with each other.


There are a range of ways the Students' Union is here to support you and we recommend you take a couple of minutes to flick through this page and pick out a couple of events that appeal to you. But if you're in a rush and just want the quick version then...

Welcome Events


CUSU is led by students. A team of elected officers and reps work throughout the year to ensure you are able to get the most from your experience at University.

The Sabbaticals are seven students who take a full year out from studies to work on the full range of student experience, both academic and non-academic. Each is responsible for a different area and you are welcome to contact them with any questions, suggestions or concerns you might have.

You will also have Academic Reps, students that represent you at the course, school, and faculty level. Any student can be a rep - including you! You can find out more here.

If you are a student at Coventry University, London you also have a dedicated London Officer, Immi Annoor, who works alongside her studies to represent London students.

Welfare & Support

The Students’ Union Advice Centre (SUAC) is a free, independent and confidential service for all students. We give advice and support on a wide range of problems including housing, consumer law, cheating and plagiarism, internal disciplinary and complaints.

If you need advice or support email with your name, student number, telephone number, and a brief description of your issue.


The advice and guidance around COVID-19 is changing all the time, the University maintains a page of frequently asked questions and service statuses.

The SU operates a social group for students on Facebook called the Lockdown Lounge offering support and activities for students which we recommend you join and introduce yourself on.

You can also submit any comments, suggestions, questions or feedback to the SU using the link below and it will be routed to the appropriate department or officer.