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CUSU Presents Coventry Freshers Week 2021, Saturday 11th - Saturday 18th September, Your Official Freshers Week Experience

Freshers Week

The only place to buy the official Coventry Freshers Pass to experience Freshers Week 2021

Your Freshers Week Experience

  • Make new friends
  • Thousands of students
  • The biggest and best events

Coventry Univesrity Students' Union provides the Official Freshers Week, giving you chance to access the biggest and best venues across the city and meet thousands of new students.

We’re excited to announce that this year is our biggest ever program of evening events and includes a diverse range of big clubbing experiences and ends in a massive festival in an incredible space.

What is the Freshers Pass?

The Freshers Pass gives you pre-paid guaranteed entry* to all the official evening events during Freshers Week in Coventry. There are events every night of the week over Freshers and some evenings there’s more than one; so that’s 10+ events for one price!

As well as event access, the pass also gives priority queue jump at venues.

We expect many events to sell out so we recommend buying a pass to avoid missing out on the full Freshers Week experience.

* Entry is guaranteed within one hour of doors opening at each event.

Who can buy the Pass?

If you’re a Fresher starting at Coventry for the first time you can log in now to purchase your pass and you can even buy extra passes for guests as long as you arrive at events together.

If you are returning to Coventry for your second, third or any other year, you can also buy a pass.

If you are a student in London or Scarborough you should not buy this pass as the events all take place in Coventry.

What events will there be?

Confirmed events can be found here. We will continue to release details of the events included in the Freshers Pass over the next couple of weeks. Remember there will be events every evening starting on Saturday 11th September and finishing in the early hours of Sunday 19th September.

Safe Night Out

Our Safe Night Out campaign is here to help you enjoy yourself safely! From drink to drugs, sex to safety we have support to help you enjoy your night out safely.

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