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Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Can you snap a selfie with all the places and items on our scavenger hunt list?

If you're in Coventry you can try the City Centre Hunt (with pizza to be won courtesy of Dominos!) or wherever you are in the world you can try the Xmas Selfie list!

Coventry Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Xmas Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Take a selfie...

  1. With your favourite local Christmas light display or public decorations
  2. On your favourite winter walk or with winter wildlife
  3. With a Christmas tree - the more impressive the better!
  4. Showcasing your favourite Christmas tradition
  5. In your favourite Christmas jumper
  6. With an unusual Christmas decoration
  7. Whilst making your best attempt at wrapping a present
  8. Whilst holding a copy of your favourite Christmas film
  9. With a 'snow'man - OK... maybe a snowman decoration or light, as we can't control the weather!
  10. With Santa - as above... we won't mark you down if you don't find the real one!

Don't forget to tag your selfies with #winterwithcusu! Use the hashtag to share your traditions and celebrations with students across the world!

Echoes Audio Tours

Why not try a city audio tour? Echoes is an augmented reality audio tour app with tours all over the world.

In Coventry, Echoes has a murder mystery starting in TheHub, an exploration of food culture in Coventry, and a sound mapping of the Grime scene.

In London there is a 1928 sound tour across London with sounds recorded from 92 years ago.

Ice Skating

Fancy ice skating in the beautiful Cathedral Ruins?

Coventry Glides brings some winter magic to Coventry City Centre, tickets start from £5

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