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12 Days of Xmas CUSU Photo Challenge

CUSU’s very own Christmas Countdown with an added photo challenge!

Take a photo each day and tag us #WinterWithCUSU on Instagram or Twitter and we’ll share our favourites each day!! Count down to the 25th December with us!

  1. Your favourite Winter Holiday tradition
  2. Your favourite Winter Holiday food
  3. Your favourite Winter Holiday decoration
  4. Your favourite festive jumper (the ugliest jumper will immediately be our favourite…)
  5. Your festive pet (or your favourite photo of a festive pet)
  6. Your favourite Festive Dessert
  7. No photo today – Do something nice for someone else and share the Winter Holiday spirit!
  8. Your favourite winter landscape
  9. Your favourite festive photo of you!
  10. Your festive pet…again. (We just want to see your pets)
  11. Your favourite festive film
  12. Your festive celebrations!!


Celebrate with everyone else across CUSU, regardless of where you are in the world!

Echoes Audio Tours

Why not try a city audio tour? Echoes is an augmented reality audio tour app with tours all over the world.

In Coventry, Echoes has a murder mystery starting in TheHub, an exploration of food culture in Coventry, and a sound mapping of the Grime scene.

In London there is a 1928 sound tour across London with sounds recorded from 92 years ago.

Ice Skating

Fancy ice skating in the beautiful Cathedral Ruins?

Coventry Glides brings some winter magic to Coventry City Centre, tickets start from £5

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