Executive Officers

The Student Executive Team are elected by students for students.

The Full-Time Officers are elected to spend a sabbatical year working for students whilst the Faculty Reps are students who are elected into voluntary positions they undertake whilst studying to oversee representation within their faculty, support other Reps and liaise with faculty staff.

The Executive Committee meet together once per week throughout the year to ensure that the Students' Union is student led.

Top 10 Priorities For The Year

Each year you elect full time Sabbatical Officers (President and Vice Presidents) to work to ensure that your experience here at Coventry University is amazing.

During the elections, all the officers make promises to you in the format of their manifesto pledges, which between them all is a lot of promises! So as a team, the officers have come up with their Top 10 Priorities.

1. To work with the University to reduce the BME attainment gap

2. To encourage students to be active citizens through the promotion of volunteering activities in the community, developing on the work of Student Wardens

3. To make student mental health a key campaign. We will embed it into our activities throughout the academic year and work on projects such as a Mental Health First Aid Add+ Vantage Module and awareness campaigns.

4. Develop support for students to reduce exam and coursework stress throughout the academic year.

5. Working with Faith Societies to create awareness and develop projects around inter-faith such as Faith Week.

6. To increase outreach and engagement with underrepresented student groups and develop relationships with satellite campuses.

7. Initiate the restructure of Varsity to increase competition, participation and engagement across campus

8. Make employability and Student Skills a new focus for the Students’ Union and launch significant initiatives in this area and ensure they are inclusive of Postgraduate and International students.

9. Revitalise our fundraising for charity through the development of the RAG society

10. Increase students awareness on their rights as tenants through housing campaigns and fairs.

If you want to discuss any of these promises or find out any additional information then please contact your SU President - Francis - on ac3095@coventry.ac.uk or drop into his office on the first floor of The Hub, Office 1.24.

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