Executive Officers

The Student Executive Team are elected by students for students.

The Full-Time Officers are elected to spend a sabbatical year working for students whilst the Faculty Reps are students who are elected into voluntary positions they undertake whilst studying to oversee representation within their faculty, support other Reps and liaise with faculty staff.

The Executive Committee meet together once per week throughout the year to ensure that the Students' Union is student led.

Top 10 Priorities For The Year

Each year you elect full time Sabbatical Officers (President and Vice Presidents) to work to ensure that your experience here at Coventry University is amazing.

During the elections, all the officers put forward their ideas in the format of their manifesto pledges, which between them all is a lot of ideas! So as a team, the officers have come up with their Top 10 Priorities.

  1. To work with the University to reduce the BME attainment gap  

Progress so far - Oct: Black History Month panel talk on the attainment gap and networking with external professionals in the area. Survey being developed to review the BME student experience and a paper is being developed to go to the Quality in Learning and Teaching Committee to outline the Students' Union response to the attainment gap and push for anonymous marking to be standard practice across the University. The BME Student Experience Survey will be launched in January and the results will be reviewed and collated into a report with recommendations. 

Progress so far - Dec: Anonymous marking as the default method for marking assessment will be in place from September 2018 following a paper produced by CUSU on our response to the BME Attainment Gap. Still on track to produce the Student Experience Survey for January 2018.

Plans for 2018: Produce a strategy paper on how CUSU can work with the University to reduce the BME Attainment Gap


      2. To encourage students to be active citizens through the promotion of volunteering activities in the community, developing on the         work of Student Wardens

Progress so far - Oct: The Student Volunteer Team has been expanded with recruitment of new students in September to ensure that PG students and 1st year students can be involved. New Student Wardens will be receiving training from the Protection Service, the police and the local Council to build up their knowledge of community support mechanisms on campus and across Coventry. Further promotion planned to demonstrate the work of Student Wardens and to be featured in the Volunteering Newsletter. Volunteers to have more opportunities to join the activities of Student Wardens.

Progress so far - Oct: Training for Student Wardens to start in the new year and continued recruitment of wardens during ReFreshers. Volunteering Department will continue to run more MADD, more volunteering opportunities in the community, more student led projects and train more volunteers for the Gen2Gen project.


      3. To make student mental health a key campaign. We will embed it into our activities throughout the academic year and work on              projects such as a Mental Health First Aid Add+ Vantage Module and awareness campaigns.

Progress so far - Oct: Applied for funding from NUS to support projects through the Activities Fund but this was unfortunately this was unsuccessful. VP Sport promoted Mental Health within Sport Week and used social media to promote the stories of athletes who had experienced mental health issues during their careers. There are further plans to undertake a campus wide research project to look at the experience student mental health and wellbeing on campus and take a focus on extension requests and extenuating circumstances to ensure the Universities policies are fit for purpose. Conversations to be had with the Employability Committee and University to discuss the development of the Add+ Vantage Module. 

Progress so far - Dec: Promote mental health and wellbeing through the Exam Stress campaign. Launch further activites in the new year. Volunteering activities with Team Pheonix focusing on mental health


     4. Develop support for students to reduce exam and coursework stress throughout the academic year.

Progress so far - Oct: An Exam Stress Campaign ran during the last exam period and the Sabbatical Team gave out fresh fruit and water to students revising for exams. Further plans for this to happen during the exam period in January. Discussions have been taking place with the University about changes to the exam and assessment process to try and reduce stress.

Progress so far - Dec: The Junction will be available as a "Chill Out Space". Developing the campaign across the Coventry University Group and running events for CU Coventry next block


     5. Working with Faith Societies to create awareness and develop projects around inter-faith such as Faith Week. 

Progress so far - Oct: Proposal submitted to NUS and £500 awarded from the Activities Fund. Projects to be developed through the Inter Faith Committee and societies.

Progress so far - Dec: Opportunity still available for Inter-Faith Officer to work on this project. Plans to work with Faith Societies in the new year to start planning


     6. To increase outreach and engagement with underrepresented student groups and develop relationships with satellite campuses.

Progress so far - Oct: The first Campus Officer has been elected at Coventry University London and the Scarborough election is now open. Sabbatical team have visited the London and Scarborough campuses to develop a CUSU presence on satellite campuses. A video was produced with the London Campus Officer to promote the SU and activities.

Progress so far - Dec:

- We have an elected Campus Officer in Scarborough

- A new Student Rep System is being launched on London

- Frequent visits are taking place to Scarborough and London

- Campus Officer training taking place in January


     7. Initiate the restructure of Varsity to increase competition, participation and engagement across campus.

Progress so far - Oct: Conversations have been taking place with Warwick SU about Varsity. Varsity is to be condensed to ensure more engagement over a shorter period of time. Lots of events to be run at one venue so students can see multiple sports activities in one day. Food stands and societies to be involved to showcase the work of societies and engage different students. Opening and closing events to be completely different from previous years!

Progress so far - Dec:

- Discussions have taken place with Warwick but initial plans have not been possible due to facilities and differing priorities.

- More showcasing events and events leading up to Varsity to highlight different sports.

- Varsity will be smaller and more competitive.


     8. Make employability and Student Skills a new focus for the Students’ Union and launch significant initiatives in this area and                   ensure they are inclusive of Postgraduate and International students.

Progress so far - Oct: Met with the Careers team to develop a leaflet for International student to promote opportunities for International students around careers, employability and other opportunities. Leaflet to be approved. 

Progress so far - Dec:

- A gap between the provision provided for International students in the form of career opportunities has been recognised.

- Still awiting leaflet for approval from Careers

- Employability Committee have been discussing the idea of running an Employability Conference


     9. Revitalise our fundraising for charity through the development of the RAG society  

Progress so far: RAG society is up and running for this year. Discussions are taking place about the promotion of the Society and how to get more students involved in fundraising.

Progress so far - Dec:

- RAG society now has 9 registered members

- RAG society to be at ReFreshers event to get more members

- New RAG logo created

- Events planned for the new academic year


    10. Increase student’s awareness of their rights as tenants through housing campaigns and fairs.

Progress so far - Oct: Meetings have taken place to plan a Housing Campaign for the 1st week of December and a Housing Fair that will be taking place on the 29th and 30th of January. Plans are yet to be finalised but we are inviting landlords and agencies to the Housing Fair.

Progress so far - Dec:

- December event had to be postponed to January

- Housing Fair to run during the last week of January

- More publicity of the Students' Union Advice Centre to support students with their housing contracts


If you want to discuss any of these priorities or find out any additional information then please contact your SU President - Francis - on ac3095@coventry.ac.uk or drop into his office on the first floor of The Hub, Office 1.24.



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