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Hi guys! I am Akanimo, your Vice President for Education for 2016/2017.  Previously, I was the provost of the Nigerian society, a society committee councillor and the Democracy and campaigns officer. As your VP for Education, my main focus is to promote the rep system and ensure that we engage with as many students across campus as we can so that you can have the best possible student experience while at Coventry University.

The rep system is the loudest voice on campus and its one of the best ways to create the student experience that suits you as a student. To know more about the rep system, feel free to come over to our office, room 1.24 in the Hub and I will be glad to tell you more about the rep system.

This year, there’s a heated debate in the Higher Education sector because of the HE bill, the TEF and how it would impact students experience and access to higher education.  There’s a lot to learn about this bill and as students you have got the opportunity to contribute to this debate. Watch out for more updates on how to get involved in the debate!

When I am not a sabb……………. I volunteer at an online radio station where I host a current affairs show and I also build up on my photography skills. I love playing table tennis and snooker. Feel free to meet me for a game!