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Hi Guys!

I am ADEDOYINSOLA, your Vice President for Education 2017/2018. I was elected by you to represent your interests academically. I personally regard education as the key to liberation and that is why I chose to stand for education. Last year I was the Black and Minority Students Councillor and also a Student Trustee for CUSU.

For the year ahead, I will focus on all academic issues of students by increasing representation across all courses with a ratio of 1.1 meaning each course will have a representative as their voice. I feel very passionate about the different campaigns that I will lead such as exam stress campaign.

I believe that academic experience of any student is a necessity and I believe that education should be accessible to ALL.

I would love to hear from you if you have suggestions on how to improve academic experience of any student at Coventry University.

Kindly feel free to drop by at the HUB 1.24

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October Update

Find out what i've been up to over the month of October.

Higher Education Lead and Change

Welcome to my first official blog as your Coventry University Students’ Union VP Education


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Where are you from?

South West, Nigeria

What did you study?

Petroleum Chemistry and Engineering(BSc)

Oil and Gas Management (MSc)

Any nicknames?


Favourite food?

Nigerian Jollof Rice

What do you most want to achieve this year?

Support Students during examination, reduce the amount of sitting examinations and Work on Exam stress campaign.

What's your favourite thing about the University?

My favourite thing about Coventry University is the diversity of students which enables cultural awareness across the board.

What advice would you give a new student?

Enjoy your stay here at Coventry, make good use of your time(Time Management). Develop leadership skills, this will make you to STAND OUT!

Fun Fact About Yourself

I love cooking and I love attending church programs.

Current selection: yes