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My name is Jonathan Alexander Napitupulu, I am 2016-2017 FAH Faculty Chair. I’m a 2nd year student of Media and Communication.

My aim in the future is to become a successful film maker. I also love street dancing as my main hobby. For me Dancing is part of my life, I dance a lot on my spare time, I also travel a lot to take classes and workshops.

The reason why I wanted to become a Faculty Chair is because I wanted to be more involved in improving the society. My intention is clear, I want to help improve the society because it’s part of my goals and ambition in life.

In my Manifesto I state clearly that I want every student to be able to speak up. To sum up the reasons why I state this, it is after reflecting on my own experience when I first came here in January 2015. As a January starter I struggled a lot to cope, and I saw almost all the January starters struggling. I also felt that most international students including Erasmus students are not introduced properly in my course.

Therefore this was one of my reasons that triggered me to become a Faculty Chair. I felt that if I could bridge the gap for students and make it a little bit easier to help the students as I have more of an opportunity to change things at the university.

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