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Hi, I am Dave. I am a second year Forensics Investigation student. I was asked to write about my interests and the only one I have is music… for all those that watched my manifesto video you probably already gathered this! Oh and to legitimately help people, that gives me such a thrill. For me it’s a high like I get when I’m running; you know you’ve got five minutes left but you just got to push yourself cause you’re already tired but you just want to complete that five minutes. You feel a sense of accomplishment even though you’re so out of breath, but you’re on a high and you get that rush and sensation of adrenaline flowing through your body. That, that is how I feel after helping someone.  

I ran for the role of HLS Faculty Rep as I have observed several different problems in HLS and I would love to improve these issues. An example of this would be that a student from Psychology doing their dissertation is allowed to use certain equipment which can be borrowed from the Nursing school. However you have to request the equipment and they have 28 days to reply to your email request rather then just being entitled to use it. We are ALL in the same faculty but we have to request within it if we want to outsource equipment from different faculties. A lot of people aren’t even aware that you are entitled to request the equipment if needed! As the current Senior Course Rep for that forum we have asked for the list of equipment to be sourced to all students when they are picking their dissertation ideas. I also feel that the faculty itself focuses on the students doing health and science courses and this should change. There should be equality!

 Another one of my points is that I know a lot of students who cannot gain the access they need for support with their learning difficulties. This is because they don’t have the funds to undergo the tests needed to prove they need this support. The University stopped funding these tests in September 2014, so students who had spoken to the university about this on open days or by calling the university before September 2014 where told they were entitled to this test through the university. They then found out on arrival that they couldn’t go through the university any more. I was a victim of this, however unlike most student I was still in contact with my college who fund this for me. I am aware of the costs and I am more than determined to get funding allocated for this again as a lot students are currently struggling to get access to these facilities. As a student who has access to the support I can’t imagine my student experience without it. Student experience is something the university prides themselves on, this is a KEY part to the experience as we All want to achieve good grades.

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