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Hello, I’m Burmun,

I represent all postgraduate students; both taught and research. My aim is to create a vibrant postgraduate community within Coventry University where the voice of all postgraduates is heard and the diverse needs of postgraduate students are met. If you are a postgraduate, please drop in and say ‘hi’.


VP Postgraduate Blog

Nigerian Students Union UK

The Nigerian Students Union UK organised a wonderful event in collaboration with the Nigerian High Commission UK to bridge the gap between Nigerian students and the high commission in the UK

Make a Difference Day - Zoe's Place

On October 16th, the entire SABB team went out to Zoe’s place for make a difference day. It was a remarkable and wonderful experience as we helped clean the garden and take out the weeds.

September Update

The month has been very busy as we had freshers’ week and other activities such a s induction talks and Airport pickups. The college freshers’ week started quickly and I participated actively along with other SABBS as we attended some inductions talks and I visited different stalls outside the college building for their different events such as society day and sports day.

August Update

The month has been full of meetings and preparations for the freshers’ week and the new academic year.


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Where are you from?

I am from Nigeria

What did you study?

I studied B.A International relations  M.A Diplomacy, Law and Global change

Any nicknames?

My nickname is Burzy

Favourite food?

My favourite food is Spicy Grilled Fish and grilled potatoes

What do you most want to achieve this year?

I want to achieve a more engaged, involving, relaxing and welcoming environment for PG students in CUSU

What's your favourite thing about the University?

My favourite thing about Coventry university is, it is located in a city that has been nominated for City of Culture and the university is full of diversity and inclusivity.

What advice would you give a new student?

My advice to a new students is, relax, enjoy and get involved in as many things as you can. 3 years will pass by very quickly. 

Fun Fact About Yourself

My hobbies include cleaning, cooking, travelling and meeting new people

Current selection: yes