All Student Meeting

13th February 2018  - 1pm - 3pm - Priory Sports Hall

It's the most important meeting of the year! The All Student Meeting (ASM for short) is your chance to have your voice heard, start seeing changes you want to see here at university, and really make a difference to life here on campus. Last year's ASM was held on the 15th November with great success, and all NINE motions were passed! You can read the full write up of the event here:

ASM invites every student to attend and get their ideas put to the student body for voting. This year we will have motions discussing new Sports facilities, Personal Tutors for Postgraduate students, inclusivity for students of faith and much more (motions below!). The ASM encourages students to really speak up for the changes they want to see, and with a democratic student vote counted with each motion raised and passed, it's the best way for you to see your vote in action in making a difference to university experience. Information on this year's ASM is listed below.


All Student Meeting Useful Documents

Meeting Do's and Don'ts

Procedural Motions 

CUSU ASM 2016/17 Minutes


All Student Meeting 2018 Agenda and Motions

ASM Agenda 2018

CUSUASM18 - Motion 1 - Ablution Facilities in Prayer Space

CUSUASM18 - Motion 2 - Personal Tutors for Postgraduate Students

CUSUASM18 - Motion 3 - Friday Timetabling

CUSUASM18 - Motion 4 - New Location for International Student Enrolment

CUSUASM18 - Motion 5 -  CGE Funding Extension

CUSUASM18 - Motion 6 - The inclusion of physical activity facilities, Multi-Sport CourtGym and activity areas – EMERGENCY AMENDMENT






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