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About Me

Hi Guys, I am Tochukwu popularly know as Toch.

In March 2018, I was elected the President for 2018/2019 session. As part of my role, I am the lead on the Executive Council team, and lead on Campaigns and democracy, like elections. So, if you are interested in student leadership or have ideas that you want us to put in place, you will be talking to the right man here.

I am from the South Eastern part of Nigeria but grew up in the Northern part of the Country. As such, I can speak English, Hausa and Igbo. I am always keen to meet people from different places. Thanks to diversity in Coventry University.

I studied Geophysics in my undergraduate level and Petroleum & Environmental Technology in my postgraduate studies. I have taken up so many other courses that have propelled my personal development educationally, mentally and socially. I love meeting people, creating networks and helping students. The latter was the reason I became a course rep during my induction week as a student and went on the stand for the position of the Postgraduate Councillor.

Aside these, I became a student Warden and a member of the Student Volunteer Team, encouraging other students to volunteer. All these were the preparatory grounds for me before I was elected the Vice President Welfare and Community in March 2017.

I love football but play occasionally as a defender. I am a proud fan of Arsenal FC but equally like Real Madrid and Juventus. It will be great to always hear from you.


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