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Current location: Coventry

We are your SU Officers, elected by you to lead on the direction of your Students’ Union for a year. We represent your views locally, nationally and to the University.

Your feedback through the All Student Conference, CUSU Council, Your Ideas and elected officer manifesto points help us to identify ten key issues, projects and ideas that are important to you and will most improve your experience. If you want to get involved in making a difference submit your ideas on what you want changing or join a community and help us make a difference.

Below are our Top 10 priorities that we will working on over the next academic year.You can also find progress updates by clicking the links below:


CUSU in the Community

  • To develop relationships with key stakeholders on the City of Culture project and ensure CUSU’s engagement in its development;
  • In conjunction with Coventry Council, work on student issues within the community. This will involve developing a protocol for student rubbish and waste disposal and develop a housing guide that will inform students of their responsibilities as tenants;
  • To work in conjunction with Coventry Council, University Accommodation and private housing providers to resolve issues relating to Council Tax;
  • To develop a ‘Rate Your Property’ website to ensure students are selecting the right property for them;
  • Work closely with the Sustainability Community and the environmental team to promote the UN sustainability goals to students.

Developing Postgraduate Student Engagement

  • To develop a Postgraduate Student Community for support, networking and engagement;
  • To liaise with the Dean - Postgraduate Studies, the Employability Department and Careers to run conferences and workshops on employability and entrepreneurship aimed at Postgraduate students;
  • To work with the Dean - Postgraduate Studies and lead Faculty Staff to develop the Personal Tutor scheme.

Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing across Coventry University Group

  • To run campaigns and events to promote mental health awareness and reduce stigma, including events such as Mental Health Weeks;
  • To run Mental Health First-Aid workshops and engage with key awareness campaigns including "It Takes Balls to Talk" and "Doggy De-Stress";
  • To run Exam Stress campaign activities across all campuses that CUSU represents;
  • Encourage students to engage with Sport and Society activities to support their wellbeing.

Improving your Educational Experience

  • To increase student engagement in academic societies through collaboration with the Faculty Communities;
  • To continue to raise feedback at key University meetings to relay the student opinion on Assessment and Feedback practices;
  • To run student led workshops for staff aimed at developing their understanding of student’s expectations of their learning experience.

Improving Opportunities in Sport at Coventry University

  • Bring the Sports Community and Women's Community together to collaborate on campaigns such as 'This Girl Can';
  • Aim to organise the first ever Varsity Female Sports Showcase;
  • To produce a report on University sports facilities across the UK and gather feedback from students on their ideal sports facilities, with the aim to present our report and proposal to the University.

Enhancing Students' International Experience

  • To work with the Centre for Global Engagement to look at options to extend funding availability for trips until students graduate;
  • Develop the existing International Buddy Scheme;
  • Work with the UKWEX team, Careers, IO and Enterprise Hub to explore possible placement and career opportunities for International students.

Ensure CUSU Represents All Students Across Coventry University Group

  • To develop online forums for different student communities who study through CU Online;
  • Work with the Faculty Reps and Campus Officers to develop a cross-Faculty/Campus event;
  • To ensure all campuses are included in CUSU elections and democratic processes.

Promoting Equity and Diversity

  • To continue work on projects to address the BME Attainment Gap – including; research into the BME student experience at Coventry University, organising a panel talk on “Decolonising the Curriculum” and work alongside the University on their Curriculum 2025 project;
  • Embed a diversity theme into One World Week events and activities to celebrate culture and diversity on campus;
  • To work with the University to develop the Equality and Diversity training programme. The aim is to raise awareness of issues facing different student groups including, disabled, LGBT+, BAME students and other marginalised groups. This will help to improve awareness and promote inclusion for all students on all campuses.

Improving Society Activities and Events

  • To organise a Societies Festival to showcase the variety of Societies we have and increase student engagement;
  • To reintroduce the Societies Ball and Society of the Month to celebrate society successes;
  • To organise Society Varsity “Battle of the Socs” with Universities across the West Midlands;
  • Launch "SocieTEA’s" offering drop in information sessions for students to learn more about societies;
  • Improve access to specialist University rooms on campus for Societies through developing relationships with University estates.

Raising Awareness of Different Faiths on Campus

  • Outreach to different students of faith through multi-faith events ran through our different societies;
  • Develop the relationships between the Multi-Faith Centre and the Faith societies;
  • To run campaigns focused on raising awareness of different faiths including events such as "Multi-Faith Week";
  • Run Multi-Faith Workshops providing information on different religions and promote religious inclusivity.