How it Works

The ASC consists of ideas that the Student Body (you!) want to discuss. 

To give your idea the publicity and support it deserves you should follow the steps below!

  1. Submit an idea via the Ideas Section
  2. One of the Sabbatical Officers or Staff Members at CUSU will make sure it is dealt with by the right people
  3. Promote your idea with the Sabbatical Officers to the other students! You need votes to help the idea progress
  4. If it receives sufficient support it will be discussed at the next community/council meeting or even at ASC!

Ideas that are relevant to one Community are discussed at Community Meetings

Ideas that cross over different Communities are discussed at CUSU Council

Ideas that effect all campuses are discussed at All Student Conference


The next ASC meeting is on Tuesday the 13th of November in Priory Sports Hall from 13:00. Be sure to attend to vote on your ideas!