Team Phoenix 

Pride, Passion, Performance

Team Phoenix is our brand of Focus Sports and is a partnership between the Students’ Union and the University’s Sports dept for sports clubs that are competing at the highest level in University sport.

By focusing staff time, energy and substantial funds into these sports we hope to be more competitive and to really develop our athletes. Focus sports will also provide a challenging and competitive environment that develops abilities, confidence and self-awareness leading to success in the sporting arena and beyond.

Our policy is to appoint - on a long-term basis- the best coaching talent available. This provides the expertise and continuity to most effectively ensure long-term success for our clubs. We have high expectations of our coaches and therefore we try to provide them with the best possible coaching environment.

Some of the benefits of being a Team Phoenix sport include:
Ø Professional coaches
Ø Priority access to facilities
Ø Sports Therapy support
Ø Sports Science support in particular strength and conditioning
Ø Training Camps
Ø Greater awareness and branding support
Ø Links to community clubs

Team Phoenix sports for 12/13 are the following:
Men’s Football

Rugby League


Every sports club has the opportunity to apply to become a Team Phoenix sport at the end of each season. However they must meet set criteria to be accepted which includes a comprehensive development and budget plan, sports volunteering, club development and an excellent disciplinary record. The Team Phoenix management team will then meet to select the successful sports for the following academic year.

Team Phoenix criteria can be found here and the development plan template here