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Fund Your Project

Do you want up to £1000 to fund a project to be part of the work of the University towards Coventry City of Culture 2021?

Tell us what project you would like to do by filling in this form and returning it to us by 4pm on 7th October. 

We will review your idea and if successful help you develop into a full application which must be submitted by 4pm on 12th November. The City of Culture Steering Group will then consider applications and announce winners week commencing 2nd December 2019.

Ask any questions or submit your forms to

How It Works

1. Project ideas to be submitted first via completion of an Expression Of Interest form. If the project is shortlisted, applicant leads will be notified and expected to complete and submit a full application form

2. Projects must clearly incorporate one of the following 3 themes:

  • Cross generational engagement
  • Sustainability in deprived areas of the city
  • Entrepreneurial Coventry

3. Projects must have the support of one staff member from the University that will act as a mentor throughout the duration of the project.

4. Projects must also have the support of one CUSU Student Group (i.e. Community) as funds will be transferred into their budget account(s) – NB: Student Groups are able to support more than one application as long as projects are not similar. If you need help matching your project to a student group please email

5. Applicants can only submit ONE project per Round.

6. Projects should be aligned with the CU Group Cultural Strategy and should demonstrably contribute to one of the three themes above.

7. Successful projects will be funded to a maximum of £1000, but may be funded to a higher amount in exceptional circumstances

8. Where appropriate, projects should have been submitted to the usual process for Ethics approval and have obtained it. All applicants should discuss their projects with a member of the University’s Ethics team at the EoI stage to ascertain whether they need full approval and obtain advice. (If you are unsure about this please read this guide and contact us).


Examples of eligible projects include, but are not limited to, the curation of areas of the campus (subject to permission from/involvement of Estates); working with the older/younger generation; outreach projects in local schools and/or with local community groups; support for CofC related conferences/business startup ideas/involvement with cultural events etc.

Projects will be scored against criteria including: their fit to the CU Cultural Strategy; delivery of CofC 2021 themes and the themes of the city’s 10 year Cultural Strategy; tangible outputs with a clear dissemination strategy and legacy; the collaborative nature of the team involved; the diversity of, and extent to which they engage, their audience; and the robustness, coherence and deliverability of the proposal. This approach is intended to mirror the bottom-up ethos of the City of Culture bid and the determination of the Executive and Creative Directors of CofC 2021 to foster local talent and grow local community involvement with culture.

All applications must:

  • Be submitted to:
  • Be saved with the Lead applicant’s name, together with the project name (please ensure all documents sent in are saved in this format)
  • Ensure lead from CUSU student group AND course tutor are aware of your project and if successful in the bid, agree to time spent on delivering the project
  • Be submitted on or before the deadline. Any submissions received after this date will not be considered.

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