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Obinna Okereke, VP Education

VP Education

I'm Obinna Okereke, your VP Education.

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Ensuring the quality of the academic experience is one of the primary functions of the Students' Union. Your academic interests are represented at all levels, from course, through to school, faculty, and at University-level.

Any student can be an academic rep, find out more about the rep opportunities available.

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Rep News

Have you completed your MEQ's?

It's that time in the semester to give feedback on your modules

CUIS Market Review: 1st Edition

After some technical difficulties we are finally able to publish the 1st edition of our Market Review Group!

No Detriment & Fee Refund Letter Update

Over 5,000 students have now signed CUSU's open letter. Find out our next steps to take the letter forward.

CUIS Literature Review : The Essays of Warren Buffett - L. A. Cunningham

Monday! We are back at it with a new Literature Review.

The Essays of Warren Buffett - L. A. Cunningham

Nominate your lecturer!

With International Women's Day (March 8th) also falling on the first day of Green Week (March 8th - 14th), we are using the opportunity to highlight academics who are championing sustainability in their course teaching!



Rep Events

Rep Hangout
10th March 2pm - 3pm
A chance to ask questions, give your feedback and meet other Reps
Reps Employability Session
24th March 11am - noon
Find out how being a Rep can be used to make you more employable

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