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Obinna Okereke, VP Education

VP Education

I'm Obinna Okereke, your VP Education.

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Ensuring the quality of the academic experience is one of the primary functions of the Students' Union. Your academic interests are represented at all levels, from course, through to school, faculty, and at University-level.

Any student can be an academic rep, find out more about the rep opportunities available.

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Join the CUSU LGBTQ+ Inclusion Student Research Group!

Passionate about LGBTQ+ inclusion in higher education? Join our research group!

What Are Reps?

Find out what Reps do and how you can get involved.

The Digital Divide

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many students lacked access to appropriate technologies to support their online learning. We believe that all students should be able to access the technology they need to thrive at university. We are committed to ensuring that no student is disadvantaged when learning online.

Enrolment and Student Card Issues

We are aware that the University is experincing IT issues that are affecting enrolment and University card production. Emails should go out later today to the majority of those affected with next steps.



Rep Events

EEC Reps' Welcome
22nd September 2pm - 3pm
Online / Icebreaker
FBL Reps' Welcome
22nd September 3pm - 4pm
Online / Icebreaker
It’s time to meet new people and find out more about Reps!
FAH Reps' Welcome
22nd September 4pm - 5pm
Online / Icebreaker
HLS Reps' Welcome
24th September 11am - noon
Online / Icebreaker
It’s time to meet new people and find out more about Reps!

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