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Obinna Okereke, VP Education

VP Education

I'm Obinna Okereke, your VP Education.

Ensuring the quality of the academic experience is one of the primary functions of the Students' Union. Your academic interests are represented at all levels, from course, through to school, faculty, and at University-level.

Any student can be an academic rep, find out more about the rep opportunities available.

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Culture Shock Cafe - May Welcome

Are you new to Coventry University? Would you like to get more information about student life, finances or culture shock? Come to see us during our drop-in sessions in the Hub!

Volunteering: A Panacea for Social ILLS?

Volunteering in the Community Add+vantage module, the debate on whether volunteering is a panacea for social ills is intriguing. Volunteering is a hub for meeting new and interesting people, and after enduring the gruelling self-isolation and social distancing, taking on a volunteering role could help many of us re-learn to connect with our communities.

Become an EdTech Marketing Champion. Monthly £50 Amazon vouchers. All expense paid trip to London Me

Become an EdTech Champion

Work closely with Flying Start’s eBook platform provider, BibliU, to promote the Flying Start Scheme and gather feedback from its users.

AZIZ Foundation Scholarships for postgraduate (taught) UK Muslim Students

If you are a UK Muslim student looking to do a master’s in September, you may be eligible to have your tuition fees paid. Read to find out more

Welcome to Coventry University Students' Union

A huge welcome to all of our new students here at Coventry University!



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