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CUSU Council Elections 2017

The election for Committee Officers and the Chair of Council

16 posts are up for election.

The polls have closed.

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NUS Delegate Election 2017

The election of for the 7 CUSU delegates for the NUS Conference 27th - 29th March 2018 in Glasgow

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It’s CUSU Election time!!

Coventry University Students’ Union is run by you, our members. Each and every one of you has the right to have a say in how we’re run. You can be involved in the Union in so many ways, from emailing us feedback and voting, to submitting ‘Your Idea’ and standing for election yourself as a ‘Committee Officer’.

Every year, we ask you to vote for the students that you think should be elected as our Full-Time Sabbatical Officers, Part-Time Faculty Representatives and Part Time Committee Officers. These elected students then work on the issues that are affecting you, responding to your feedback and bringing about positive changes at Coventry University.  You have already elected your Sabbatical Officers and Faculty Representatives, now it is time to decide who should be your Committee Officers!

All students, irrespective of degree program, mode of study, age or nationality, have the right to stand for election and all students get to vote on who of all the candidates they think is the right person for the job.

Key Dates

23rd October – Voting Opens

24th October – Question Time 5.30pm the Hub Canteen

27th October – Voting Closes Midday!

27th October – Election Results Announced 7pm Square 1, the Hub

I’m Confused! Can you help?

Of course we can! We know that whether you’re new to elections or not, it can be difficult to get your head around some of the election jargon that flies about.

If you are having trouble voting pop to CUSU reception or email elections.su@coventry.ac.uk

Here’s our quick Jargon Buster:

Re-Open Nominations (RON): If you’re not convinced that any of the candidates running for a position would do a good job, you can choose to “Re-Open Nominations” – RON on your ballot - this triggers a re-run of the elections process and more people may choose to stand!

Single Transferable Vote (STV): This is the voting system used, whereby you tell us your first preference and also your preference if that first person doesn’t get it.

CUSU Council: The elected body of students that discuss any ideas from committees which are controversial or cost a lot of money.  They also hold the executive committee officers to account. Council meets once a month on the first Monday of each Month.

Committee: A group that is chaired by the Officer where like-minded students can meet and decide on things that affect them.  They carry out campaigns and form a community on campus. Each Committee will meet a minimum of once a month but the date and time will be worked around your schedule alongside with staff members.

Exec/Executive Committee: Is made up of the Full Time Sabbatical Officers and the part time Faculty Reps. The team work with University and SU staff to make sure that motions passed by council become a reality.

Manifesto: A manifesto is a set of policies or pledges put together by a candidate to get people to vote for them. It set out what they would do if they were elected, and helps you get to know a bit more about them!


If you’re still stuck, just pop an email to elections.su@coventry.ac.uk or drop by the office (1.24/1.25 The Hub) and speak to any of the Sabbatical team and we’ll get your question answered!

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