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Responding to COVID-19: Election Changes

All physical campaigning activity is strictly prohibited for the 2021 election period. Candidates and their supporters are only permitted to conduct digital campaigning activity.

This rule has been put in place in response to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic and is for the safety of campaigners, Students and members of the public

Rules and Guiding Principles

It is our aim that our elections are conducted in a free, fair and friendly manner. We establish rules and guiding pricinples so we are clear and transparent in how to ensure free, fair and friendly elections and that everyones has a fair and equitable chance.

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Election Complaints

Any of our members have the right to raise a complaint regarding a candidate or CUSU if they feel a rule has been breached. We have a clear process in how all our election complaints are handled and resolved.

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Our Election How To's

We have created a number of how to videos so that you are clear on how our elections work, how you can participate and ultimately how you decide who your next student leaders will be.

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Ensuring you are registered to participate

We do not want you to miss out on being able to participate in our elections. This includes being able to stand for a role and vote so you need to make sure that you have registered in our system.

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Guidance for Candidates

We have created a handy guide for any of our members who are thinking of stnading for a role in any of our elections. We recommend that you read this if you are interested so you are clear on our elections.

Candidate Guide

Guidance for Student Groups

We have created a handy guide for Student Groups so that they are clear on what they can do in our elections.

Student Group Guide

Guidance for Staff

Students' Union or University staff are not allowed to endorse or support candidates in our elections and must remain neutral. However, this does not mean you cannot support us in promoting our elections. We have created a handy guide on how staff can support our elections.

Staff Guide
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