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We require risk assessments for many different reasons. We need to ensure that the society is doing activities that are safe and well thought through.

Weekly Risk Assessment 

As a society, you have a duty of care to your members to ensure that your activity is operating in a safe environment and that you have control measures.

Each society is requested to complete a risk assessment, which details the types of activity the society does regularly, such as meetings and socials.

Please remember risk assessment should be relevant to the activity you are undertaking – if you do not make it specific it is not a valid risk assessment.

Weekly Risk Assessment Template

Other Risk Assessments

One-off events that are not part of normal society activity will require additional risk assessments to be completed.

We have included the following examples:

Society Day Trips

Society Large Events (Ball/National Day/Awards)

Society International Trips (that are not through a third party supplier)

Society Site Visits (off campus)

Society Speaker Events

These examples give the most common risks associated with the event type, however, you will need to tailor the risk assessment to your specific event.

If you need help and guidance completing your risk assessment, please contact the office in the first instance

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