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We encourage you to have a strong brand for your society and to design a logo for your society to use on your marketing, social media and website. Once you have designed a logo, send it through to the team for approval and so we can keep it in our database.

All marketing made by a society must meet the union standards, and include the CUSU logo which can be requested by emailing

Please ensure you send all promotional material (flyers, posters, etc.)in the first instance to for approval.

We can also get these printed for you at competitive rates through an external supplier. Just ask the team for more details.

The Website

Each society has its own minisite page; this page allows any student to find out information about your society and what you do. From your minisite page, the students will also be able to pay their yearly subscription to the society. 

The minimum requirements are:

  • Meeting times and location
  • Description of your activities
  • Aims and objectives
  • Contact details of how they can get in touch with the committee to ask questions (normally an email address)
  • Social media links

Additional information can be added in the form of links to videos, photos, and your society logo.

Find out how to update your minisite here


More information on society clothing can be found here


External Organisations

At CUSU, we encourage our societies to collaborate with relevant external organisations, either in the form of seeking sponsorship etc. or even as a "parent" organisation as such.

However, it is important to remember that societies are first, foremost, and always ran by Coventry University Students. Committees always will make the decisions and working with an external organisation will not change that, it just means they can give you an extra boost to make sure the society runs as well as possible!

If you're planning to work with an external organisation this academic year, you will need to complete an External Organisations Form to make sure that whoever you are planning to work with is appropriate and won't be a risk to the society. These forms will need to be submitted to You can download the External Organisations form below

External Organisations Form


We encourage Societies to get Sponsorship from external companies to support the Society throughout the year. 

If you have been able to gain sponsorship for your society, you must complete the sponsorship agreement form and present it to the Societies office, for Senior Managers to approve it. DO NOT SIGN THE AGREEMENTS YOURSELVES.

Sponsorship Form

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